One Way You Can Update Your Old Jackets And Coats

6 Mar

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Around this time each year I pull out all my old coats and jackets and assess what I have and consider what I might need when the cold weather arrives.

This involves deciding whether I need/want to add something new to my collection, what maintenance needs to be done and thinking about what I could do with them to update them and give them a new look.

This year, unless something amazing catches my eye, I’ve decided I don’t need a new coat – I’m going to focus my attention on giving some of my old one’s a makeover.

For some it might be big (like cutting it from knee length to hip length) and for others it might be a little change (like adding a sparkly vintage brooch).

If you’re creative, there are many ways you can give new life to an old piece. (See how I did it here)

In the photos below and above, I’ve shown you how, by swapping over the belt your jacket came with with something different, it can giveĀ it a whole new fresh look.

(If belts are not your thing, try something else)

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