When I Stepped Outside Of My Comfort Zone

9 Aug

I wore a skirt! 

(But was very tempted to change my mind and take it off) I used to wear skirts, and occasionally dresses, when I worked in an office but when I left I pretty much stopped.  Nowadays I tend to only wear them to funerals, the races and weddings. When I do put one on I feel slightly uncomfortable and a bit self conscious – despite the fact that I love a beautiful dress…and even love the idea of wearing them.

(I liken it to my clients who tell me they stopped wearing heels for whatever reason and find it hard to get back into them)  Sound familiar?

It’s not because I’m being lazy or that I’m just all about comfort, (well I am to an extent, isn’t everybody?) it’s just that I feel more me in pants – interestingly more feminine too.

Anyway, I decided when I ummed and ahhed about wearing this skirt,  that this spring and summer I’m going to challenge myself to try more dresses and skirts (particularly anything 70’s inspired) and see how I feel in them. Promise!  Just like wearing heels, perhaps for me, wearing dresses might take a bit of practice til I feel like myself in them.

Then again, perhaps I’ll decide just like one of my style idols, Emmanuelle Alt (who talks about not wearing dresses and skirts in the video below), that they’re just not my thing.

The most important thing for me (and for you) is that I wear what makes me feel my best –  good about myself.. confident and authentic!  Rather than just wondering what clothes do that though, this does require trying, sampling and challenging from time to time.  Otherwise, there’s a good chance I’ll (You’ll) get stuck. Nobody wants that. Stuck in a time and/or stuck in a rut.  Emmanuelle might not deviate too much from her uniform of pants or jeans and great jacket or top look, but what she does do is stay modern and current in new season shapes, fabrics and styles.

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