The A-Line Casual Skirt

11 Aug

After my recent post about me wearing a denim skirt, (here) I’ve had a few of my clients message me to see if I knew where they could find one similar. (Mine was a last summer purchase)

I did a bit of research and I thought I’d share my finds with you (given many of you are my clients)

A-line skirts are great if…

  • you’re a triangular shape and you have difficulty finding skirts that fit both your waist and your hips/thighs (keep in mind there’s still a good chance you need to go that extra step and have it altered to fit perfectly)
  • if you want to visually lengthen your legs
  • if you want to create an hourglass shape using your clothes
  • if you want to accentuate your waist
  • if you want to (visually) create a waist

….basically, they’re all round great UNLESS you wear one that doesn’t fit you properly (particularly the length) and it looks dowdy.

The one pictured above (has only a slight A-line but still does all of the above and is probably my favourite out of all of them here), and the three below are not quite the same as my longer length wrap style, but still good and worth checking out, nonetheless. ¬†Each of these featured, I’ve seen on some of my clients and would recommend giving them a try.

*Keep in mind with this one that the belt can be removed and replaced with something else.

All of these skirts can be found here (for as little as $39)

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