How To Feminise An Outfit

21 Nov

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If you put an outfit together and it feels a little more masculine than you’d like, try feminising it.

For example, a polo shirt and a pair of chinos.

Together or on their own they may not feel feminine enough for you. (Of course it depends on your personal style, your personality, the image you want to portray, etc.)

In this case Ines de la Fressange has piled on and layered several pieces of jewellery  (She’s also carrying quite a “ladylike” bag).

Some things (like dresses) can be thrown on and they instantly feel right, and others (parkas, boyfriend jeans, shorts, brogues, cotton shirts, etc, etc) often need some styling to achieve the desired look.  (and feel)

Adding jewelry is not the only way to feminise an outfit. Experiment!  (Or give me a yell and I’ll help you 🙂 )

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