If There’s One Thing You Do For Your Style This Year, Make It This

1 Feb

If you’re petite (anyone under 5ft 3) you may have similiar issues to me.

Yesterday I tried on this dress in Country Road. It’s new season stock and I like to sample new pieces as they arrive in the stores both for myself and for my clients.

To someone who doesn’t understand what to look for when it comes to fit, you might think it’s ok – but it isn’t.

The neck (front and back) doesn’t fit, the armholes don’t fit and it doesn’t fit through the waist. But, from the hips down, it fits quite well.

As you can see in the photo below, it’s too long through the body for me. It’s been made for someone considerably taller.

It doesn’t fit, this one can’t be altered, it’s not the right piece for me and I just need to walk away.

(Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit you properly unless you can commit to taking it to the tailor to see if they can alter it for you)

If there’s one thing you do for your style this year, learn about how your clothes should fit. I have had clients with wardrobes full of magnificent designer pieces worth thousands of dollars, and much of them don’t fit. Despite the fact the clothes are beautiful, the person will never look great wearing them because of how they look on the body.

Before you invest in your wardrobe, know how to tell when something fits you just right and when it doesn’t. (And also know what can and can’t be altered)

*If you’d like to learn about how your clothes should fit you (perhaps starting by looking at how the clothes in your wardrobe do – or don’t 🙁 ) send me a message via here and I’ll be in touch

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