Before And After

12 Feb

This pea coat was about to be thrown out.

While I love it, in fact it’s one of my favourite pieces – I knew I couldn’t wear it like this (below) anymore.  I had to do something to save it or it needed to be ditched. 

Firstly, I tried using this little comb (testing it on a small area), but it didn’t work.  It was pulling and tearing at the fabric – it was too rough for it.

So when I saw someone mention this little de-pilling device on Instagram, I thought I’d give it a go …and it worked a treat!

It now looks as good as new.

You can watch how I did it here

How you take care of your clothes is very important – both for ensuring they wear well and last as long as they should, but also so that you look well put together.  You’ll never look stylish if you leave the house with frayed, scuffed, faded, stained, pilled, creased…or like you slept in the dogs basket, with fluff or hair, all of your clothes.  Go the extra step and take great care of the pieces you invest in.

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