How To Reinvent Your Blazers

27 Feb

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If you’re like me and you have a collection of blazers you’ve gathered over the years, you might consider trying this new(ish) look for autumn.

A logo/print/band/statement t-shirt, under a blazer.

It’s a casual (yet smart) way to wear some of your blazers that have in the past, felt restricted to just wearing to work.

It means reinventing an old piece from your wardrobe and wearing it in a new way.  (Like I did with this sentimental old jacket)

(You can see how I wore my velvet blazer with a Mickey Mouse t-shirt here)

image via here

For those wondering, I don’t think this is a look that has an age restriction.  Everyone can do it.  You just need to find a tee that represents you and your style. (And of course, one that’s flattering)  For some it might be a favourite band (ACDC?) and for others it could be something with an artsy pattern or some sparkle on it.

If you fancy the idea of a gingham blazer, this is one that I like in the stores at the moment.  You can buy it here  *It’s $299 or $209 when you shop with me (With my stylist discount).

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