What To Consider When Shopping In Cheap and Cheerful Stores

22 Mar

I was told by someone who worked in Spain at the head office of a well known clothing brand, that their clothes were designed to last 16 washes.

Whether it’s right or not, I’m not sure, but I always keep this in mind when I buy anything from them. (or similar stores). What it means is that when you buy cheap and cheerful fast fashion, the pieces are not intended to have a long life. You might notice your new t-shirt loses shape after just one wash; even though you’ve only had them 6 months, the crotch of your jeans starts to wear out and a thread is hanging from every buttonhole of a shirt, after only a few wears.  

If you want to invest in and build a wardrobe of clothes that have longevity, rather than fill it with stuff (that you might have to throw out after a few washes or wear shabbily) buy quality pieces.

For example, the shirt I wore in the photo above is 100% silk. It cost me a fairly hefty price about 3 or 4 years ago, but it still looks like new and I imagine if I take good care of it, I’ll have it for another 3 or 4 years – at least. It won’t stop me from buying from the cheaper brands  (If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice I often wear cheap and cheerful) but I’m very conscious of making sure their pieces don’t make up the bulk of my wardrobe.

(Note: Buying quality pieces does not necessarily mean expensive or designer.  I consider the jeans I’m wearing in this photo to be of good quality and they only cost me about $50)

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