New Ways To Wear Old Things

14 May

Not every time you go to an event, should you need to buy a new outfit.

If you’ve been building a wardrobe of well thought out versatile pieces, you’ll be able to come up with something using what you’ve got.

I went to a (fancy) birthday party a couple of weeks ago and I did just that.

It was a special occasion so I did think about buying something new to wear, but then decided I’d wear something I already had in the wardrobe.

So the day before the dinner I spent half an hour playing around with some looks to see what I could come up with.

My intention was that I wanted to come up with an outfit I’d never worn so that it felt fresh and new – even though the individual pieces were old.

I’ve worn the tuxedo blazer to the races (with trousers), to a wedding (with a tight fitting pencil skirt) and occasionally I wear it with my jeans.  I’d never, however, worn it with this pleated satin skirt with a belt around the waist and with velvet platform shoes.  Although the jacket’s several years old, what I wore (and the way I wore it) felt new.

I also wore..

Sparkly vintage earrings  (Which were my Nan’s)

Burgundy velvet shoes (From

And I carried a small embroidered (vintage) clutch. (From the Mill Market in Geelong)

If you often feel like you have nothing to wear, despite having plenty of clothes in your wardrobe, could it be that you’re not wearing the pieces in different ways – and therefore feeling bored with what you do have?

Rather than adding and adding and adding new things to your wardrobe when you may not need to, be creative! Spend some time in your wardrobe playing around with new looks, or get me over to help you come up with some different outfit combinations.

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