Do You Have Your Own Unique Signature Look?

31 Jul

Do you have a unique signature look?  You know, the kind of thing that people will think of when they want to describe and identify you.

“Whenever I think of Mary I think of that beautiful shiny black mane of hers”  

“Therese. That’s the girl with the great smile, who always wears red lippy”  

Having your own trademark look is like having your own distinguishable brand.  Naomi Simson only ever wears red. It’s her brand. It’s how people recognise her.

You don’t need to have such an identifiable look as she does though.  For you it may be that people know when they see you, you’ll be wearing cool sneakers, big fancy earrings or red glasses.  Whatever it is, you want people to remember and recognise you for all the right reasons.   You don’t want people to be saying:

 “I know Sarah, that’s the girl that always wears those jackets that are three sizes too big for her” 

“You know Louise, the one who’s clothes are always creased”  

Sometimes we have a signature look without being aware of it.  The thing you need to ask yourself is –  Is there something about my style and the way I dress that people think of when they think of me?  Do I have a signature look without really knowing it?  More importantly, is that individual look people know you for, a good thing or a bad thing?   Why don’t you ask those closest to you if they think you have a particular look.

For inspiration, here are a few women who have very distinct individual signature looks.

Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue is recognisable by her trademark bob.

Iris Apfel is never seen without her round, over-sized glasses.

Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera is often seen wearing a classic white shirt

New York fashion stylist and beauty entrepreneur Linda Rodin’s distinct look is her long, silver hair

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