Are You Making Mistakes?

21 Aug

We’re often so nervous that we’re going to do something that will make us look silly, that we do nothing.

We just keep sticking with what’s comfortable and easy, while really wanting to do and try more.

The fear of making a mistake can stop us from trying anything new or moving out of our comfort zone.

Worrying that we might be doing the wrong thing, or worse, making a fool of ourselves, stops us from taking a chance and experimenting with new things.

I often hear clients say, they didn’t wear a particular jacket because they were worried they’d get heckled by their colleagues or they don’t ever wear slim jeans because they didn’t think they’d suit them.  Because they’re so worried about making a fashion blunder, they just stick with what feels safe.  Safe is fine, if you feel great, but if you don’t (maybe you’re bored), be prepared to take some risks.

I encourage everyone I work with to allow themselves to make mistakes.

The key is to recognise that what you tried didn’t feel right, but then to get up the next day and do something different.

Even though I have a very good idea of what I like and what suits me, I still make mistakes. I’m willing to make them.  I want to continue to challenge and push myself and try different things. I don’t want to get bored and stuck in a style rut and occasionally what I try, doesn’t work.

Generally I love every single item in my wardrobe, so when I make a mistake it’s the way I’ve put together the pieces in an outfit.  But in this case, I bought something that wasn’t really my style and as a result wore it and made a mistake.

While mistakes might make us feel not great at the time, they can be a good thing.  Rather than berating ourselves, we can focus on what we learnt and how to improve on it in the future.

Give it a go!    …and even if you don’t get the exact result you want, at least you tried.  You can be proud of that.

“No one is perfect…that’s why pencils have erasers” – Wolfgang Riebe

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