Are Your Clothes Making You Feel Crappy?

22 Aug


“I don’t like my boobs, I’ve got a flabby stomach and I hate my legs.”

This is what a client wrote on the pre-styling consultation questionnaire I sent her.  I don’t know about you, but it made me feel sad reading it. I hate that a woman feels that way about herself.

It turns out this lovely girl had a beautiful curvaceous figure and all the things she disliked about herself had nothing to do with how she really looked.   Her clothes were making her feel awful.  The bra’s were all the wrong style and the straps had stretched so much that in her clothes her bust looked like it practically touched  her waist.  Her waist bands, particularly her jeans,  were too tight and sitting in the wrong place around her hips, making her feel like she had a “muffin top” and practically every dress and skirt in her wardrobe were sitting at an unflattering length, making her legs look shapeless and making her feel frumpy.

After a couple of alterations to her clothes and a shopping trip together, the good news is she’s feeling great about herself.  I’d like to think if she filled out the questionnaire again, those things she said she didn’t like about herself – wouldn’t be an issue.

Women can be extremely self critical of ourselves and how we look.  We can be cruel – telling ourselves we’re old, we’re fat or we’re unattractive.  Often it’s the unflattering, ill fitting, shapeless clothes we’re wearing that are making us feel lousy.  If you’re guilty of being mean to yourself about the way you look, ease up and have a think about it.

Are those daggy pants, those frumpy shoes or the too big, dated jacket doing anything to make you feel good?

Remind yourself – you’re lovely – it’s the clothes that are making you feel crappy – and that can be easily fixed. (Sometimes with just a few little tweaks)

When was the last time you assessed whether the bra you’re wearing was the best one for you?  When did you last ask yourself if the jeans you’re wearing were still current and fashionable?  When was the last time you saw the gorgeous you, hidden under the ill-fitting, baggy clothes?

**Bear in mind that updating your look,  doesn’t  mean you need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes hems can be taken up or down, things can be taken in or worn with a belt. Wearing a sleeve a different way or tucking in can also make a big difference to an overall look.  Don’t be put off starting a style evolution because you think it’s going to be too hard or cost you too much.   It can be done in baby steps – as long as something is being done to move yourself forward towards feeling good about yourself.

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