Are Your Clothes Saying What You Want Them To?

10 Sep

Right or wrong, fair or not, the way you dress projects something about you without you even having to open your mouth to speak.

Your clothes, adornments and grooming communicate a non-verbal message about your identity and therefore help people form an immediate impression about you.

Designer Maxime Simoens says,

“People who set out to project nonchalance construct a disheveled look. ¬†People who want to send a more aggressive message choose more aggressive clothes.”

Of course it’s very important that we’re true to ourselves and that we dress in a way that feels authentic to our individual personal style¬†– it’s when we do that, that we feel the most confident.

However, it’s also important that you continue to ask yourself what is the style and image you aspire to project and then consider whether you are in fact achieving that.

Are your clothes saying what you want them to?

Here’s an article I found really interesting, on the topic.

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