Wear One Piece Five Ways

2 Oct

When I’m working with a client at her home,  helping her overhaul her wardrobe, our aim is to be left with only clothes that work.  Pieces she loves, pieces that are flattering and pieces that represent her style and the image she wants to portray.

If together we decide something is a keeper my next challenge to my client is that she comes up with at least 5 ways to wear it.

(What often happens when people get bored with their clothes, is that they go out and buy new ones. When in actual fact what they could be doing is playing around with the clothes they have and coming up with new outfits)

Check out these images of French magazine editor, Virginie Mouzat and take some inspiration from what she’s doing with her clothes.   *She may not have the same style as you, but you can still be inspired by how she’s using her clothes.

In all five of the photos Virginie is wearing the same pair of khaki cargo pants BUT not once is she wearing them the same way.

You don’t need to have lots and lots and lots of clothes.  You just need to learn how to wear what you have in several varying combinations.

So next time you reach for that red skirt, blue dress or patterned pants, come up with a way to wear them differently to how you wore it last time.

 image via here
image via here

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Challenge yourself to wear each piece you have hanging in your wardrobe at least 5 different ways.

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