How To Cuff Your Jeans

7 Oct

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Updating your look doesn’t always mean having to buy new clothes.

It might be, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, that new clothes are not a priority at the moment.  It could even be that you have plenty of clothes already, but you need some fresh ideas.

Clothes can be altered, dyed, reinvented or simply worn differently.

One thing to try is cuffing your jeans.

Play around and try different ways of cuffing to determine what works best for your leg length, shape and style.

Try rolling them neatly.  (You might even want to press them like these ladies below) 

Or just turning them up to expose your ankles, like I’ve done here

Be prepared to make mistakes.  If you leave the house, catch a glimpse of yourself and think this is not working – just don’t do it that way again. Try something different.

It’s when we never experiment and don’t make changes that we stay stuck. Remember,  if nothing changes, nothing changes

Don’t roll your jeans too high that they become three quarter length…which we all know is a length that is not flattering for most.

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