Just Because It’s Your Size, Doesn’t Mean It Fits

22 Oct

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A little while ago I took my brother-in-law shopping for a new suit.

You all know that I don’t work with guys, so I’m certainly not an expert in menswear, however I do know enough about tailoring to know when something does and doesn’t fit.

At the very first place we visited the lady in the shop measured my brother-in-law and told him what size he was. She then gave him a few options to try on, in his size.

None of the three fit – properly.  Sure he could get them on and he could move in them comfortably and he liked the color of the fabric (..and I’m sure if I wasn’t there he would have thought they were absolutely fine) – but that isn’t enough, as you can see is demonstrated in these photos above.

If you want to look (and feel) great in your clothes (Of course this applies to both men and women) they need to fit you just right.

Just because something is your (supposed) size, doesn’t mean it fits.

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