Tuck In

25 Oct

Have you tried tucking in?

Some people are a little nervous to try it because they think that they’re too old for it, or it won’t suit them, etc, – and that’s fair enough – I understand doing something that’s not what you’re used to can cause uncertainty.   But if you’ve never done it before, challenge yourself to experiment with the look – and decide whether it’s for you or not.  (It’s just like when I get someone to try a style of jeans that are different to what they’ve been wearing.  It can take a little while to get used to how they look on the body)

There’s a few different ways to tuck in, so play around til you find a way that feels comfortable for you.  (For some a full tuck feels too exposed initially, so perhaps try just doing a half tuck and see how that goes)

Keep in mind when you do tuck in, that the bottoms (and in fact even the underwear) you’re wearing are important and will have quite an effect on the look.  (ie where they finish on your tummy, whether they have a zip or not, the fabric, etc) It might work with some of your bottoms and it might not work with others.  *Both pants and skirts.

Like everything, tucking won’t be right for everyone.  It may not feel right, of course you might not even like the look or it may not be a flattering style for you – but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a try. Sometimes what shouldn’t work, does.

*Note – If you prefer to wear your tops un-tucked then make sure the length and the shape of the hem are the most flattering styles for you.

**FYI  You’re not too old for tucking – whatever your age.

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