When Pants Do This, They Don’t Fit

18 Nov

When a pair of tailored pants pull across the hips and pocket like this…they don’t fit.

Notice the lines being created – because the pants are too tight across the hips – from the top of the zip to the pocket. …and then, as a result,  how the pocket is pulling away from the body.

Because the pants are ill-fitting across the hips it’s drawing attention to the area …..and it looks messy!

I understand for Kim and for those who have similar shapes to her (tiny waist with wider hips and bottom), that finding pants that fit well can be difficult.

My advice is to keep shopping til you find a pair that work for you.  Don’t just settle for “These will have to do”.  I know it can be very frustrating, but you need to be prepared to try lots of different styles til you find a pair that are just right.  In Kim’s case a different fabric or a style without pockets might have worked better for her.

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And secondly, consider buying up a size and having them tailored to fit you.  (Or alternatively, have a pair made)  *I’m sure Kim could afford to work with a tailor.

Remember recently I wrote about how a pencil skirt shouldn’t pull across the hips here.   Same thing…

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