How To Put Together A Sexy Outfit

21 Nov

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In the past couple of weeks two of my regular clients have asked me to help them find something “sexy” to wear.

One contacted me saying “Help! I’ve got a wedding to go to and I need to look hot. My ex-husband is going to be there with his new girlfriend” and the other was ready to start embracing her curves, by accentuating her lovely figure and wear something less conservative than she was used to.

The first thing I asked both of them was – When it comes to clothes, what makes you feel sexy?

(One, after some prompting from me knew what it was, and the other had no idea, which meant we had to do lots of sampling of different things til she figured it out).

Everyone has their own idea of what sexy is and what makes you feel that way when you’re wearing it. For some, it’s a pretty soft flowy dress with just a subtle hint of skin, for others it might be a figure hugging and/or revealing (perhaps Kardashianesque) outfit and for others like me, it’s my favourite perfume, pretty lingerie, a great pair of jeans and heels.

(And for some, it’s not important at all…)

Whether it’s “funky”, “edgy”, “trendy”, “cool” or “sexy”, that you’re wanting to achieve, you need to figure out what that word means to you first. Keeping in mind that it’s not just about how you look, but more importantly how you feel. Because when you feel it, you’ll also exude it..

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