For Your Style To Evolve, Be Open To Trying New Things

11 Dec


My client was looking for black pants she could wear during summer for work presentations, out for a nice dinner or casually. She works in the health/fitness industry and so didn’t want anything that looked too corporate/office professional.

We sampled about 4 pairs of slim fitting pants but none of them worked for her shape. (She’s similar to an inverted triangle – very small through the hips with very slim legs)  Most were a little too snug on the tummy but then not fitting (too loose) how I wanted them to on her legs and bottom.

Then I thought of these. When I took them into the changeroom I could see by the look on my clients face that she wasn’t sure.  (But well done to her – she was open to the idea and gave them a go) The idea of a culotte was a bit too out there. Like most people, they reminded her of something that was around in the 80’s. I didn’t know what to expect when she came out of the fitting room – but when we teamed them with a top, a belt and the right shoes – she loved them.

They looked and felt elegant, highlighted her lovely ankles, created an hourglass shape (accentuated the waist), made her bum look great, worked for her style and lifestyle, could be worn in lots of different ways…and were within her budget.  (Less than the price on the website with my stylist discount)

Push yourself to experiment with something different.  (Particularly if your wardrobe is feeling same old, same old) If you keep trying and buying things that are similar to everything else you own, your style and your look won’t evolve – it’ll stay the same and risks becoming stuck, stale and outdated.

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