How I Make A Shirt Feel Feminine

19 Jul

How I Make A Shirt Feel Feminine

Shirts, particularly of the gingham variety, can feel a bit masculine. (Initially when I tried this one on – wearing my sneakers – I felt like somewhere between Farmer Brown and some of my old male colleagues at the bank on casual Friday‚Äôs) It would need some styling…

To make shirts like this work for me so that I feel feminine wearing them (which is important for me), I might do the following…

Show some skin. 
Add some delicate jewellery
Tuck in to something high waisted (to give me some shape)
Wear a pretty bra
Wear heels 
Maybe red lipstick

Not everything you try on in a change room will instantly feel like it works. It might need other bits and pieces to accompany it. The right shoe, accessory or clothing item. Or it might just need scrunching, rolling or even tucking.  #tweaking


Shirt – Muji
Jeans – Levis
Shoes – Jo Mercer
Watch – Daniel Wellington

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