Are You Inspecting Your Outfits From Head To Toe?

21 Jul

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I’m still surprised when a new client tells me they don’t have a full length mirror and they need to race out and buy one before our wardrobe session.  

I’ve met those who have had a mirror they never use in their downstairs bathroom, those who have a mirror that, on my arrival, came out of storage from the garage, and those who only have a mirror that shows the face and shoulders.

For those of you who belong in the above category, just imagine if you had a full length mirror you could see whether..

  •  the shoes work with the pants, dress or skirt
  • your bra and underpants are not the wrong color or too tight for the outfit and causing bulges
  • your top or jacket are too long and cutting off the length of your legs
  • the bottom half of the outfit works with the top half
  • your skirt or pants are a flattering length
  • the hosiery goes with the clothes and shoes
  • your jeans are still flattering…from the back as well as the front

We’ve all thrown something on in the morning, thought – that’ll do – then raced off to work or lunch.  Along the way, we’ve caught a glimpse of ourselves in a shop window and thought, I shouldn’t have worn this – I feel daggy, self conscious and uncomfortable.

A quick inspection head to toe before you leave the house will help prevent this from happening. Think about putting a mirror behind your bedroom door or inside your wardrobe.  You can get them from hardware stores, Kmart and Ikea and I’ve seen them for as little as $20.

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