The Coat Wardrobe

24 Jul

Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, you might need a variety of coats for winter – one for everyday wear (perhaps for work), one for weekends, one for evenings out and one for extreme cold. (ie the big puffy fur lined coat I might wear to the football).

If your work coat, is the same as your going out coat, and your watching kids sport coat, and your go to the snow coat, etc, .. think about building a wardrobe of different coats for different occasions.

Coats can be expensive investment pieces, so start with the one you need and will wear the most. Then continue down the list.

I bought this one (pictured), a statement/fun coat, after I’d ticked off all the others I needed more. I like to buy myself a new coat every few years – and have a collection that I’ve had for about 20 years. (Which also includes a vintage Dior I found in an opshop, for $40 ?).

Rather than just buying stuff, (and still feeling like you have nothing to wear) think about what your wardrobe needs.

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