Where To Spend And Where To Save In Your Wardrobe

17 Sep

Where To Spend And Were to Save In Your Wardrobe
Where To Spend And Were to Save In Your Wardrobe

Think about where you should be spending your money and where you should be saving, (or at least not so heavily investing) when it comes to your wardrobe. .

It seems silly that you would have a $79 H&M black blazer that you bought knowing you wanted to wear it to work at least twice (maybe 3 times) a week, that looks tired and scruffy after one dry clean, but then you spend $550 on a dress you wear to Oaks Day – once. .

The blazer I’m wearing here is about 5 years old. It cost me about $350. I wear it at least twice a week – to work, to dinners, to the races, to meetings, to funerals, etc.. (You can see here I’m wearing it as a suit) It still looks as good as it did 5 years ago. .

Food for thought…

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