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Are Your Clothes Making You Feel Crappy?

22 Aug


“I don’t like my boobs, I’ve got a flabby stomach and I hate my legs.”

This is what a client wrote on the pre-styling consultation questionnaire I sent her.  I don’t know about you, but it made me feel sad reading it. I hate that a woman feels that way about herself.

It turns out this lovely girl had a beautiful curvaceous figure and all the things she disliked about herself had nothing to do with how she really looked.   Her clothes were making her feel awful.  The bra’s were all the wrong style and the straps had stretched so much that in her clothes her bust looked like it practically touched  her waist.  Her waist bands, particularly her jeans,  were too tight and sitting in the wrong place around her hips, making her feel like she had a “muffin top” and practically every dress and skirt in her wardrobe were sitting at an unflattering length, making her legs look shapeless and making her feel frumpy.

After a couple of alterations to her clothes and a shopping trip together, the good news is she’s feeling great about herself.  I’d like to think if she filled out the questionnaire again, those things she said she didn’t like about herself – wouldn’t be an issue.

Women can be extremely self critical of ourselves and how we look.  We can be cruel – telling ourselves we’re old, we’re fat or we’re unattractive.  Often it’s the unflattering, ill fitting, shapeless clothes we’re wearing that are making us feel lousy.  If you’re guilty of being mean to yourself about the way you look, ease up and have a think about it.

Are those daggy pants, those frumpy shoes or the too big, dated jacket doing anything to make you feel good?

Remind yourself – you’re lovely – it’s the clothes that are making you feel crappy – and that can be easily fixed. (Sometimes with just a few little tweaks)

When was the last time you assessed whether the bra you’re wearing was the best one for you?  When did you last ask yourself if the jeans you’re wearing were still current and fashionable?  When was the last time you saw the gorgeous you, hidden under the ill-fitting, baggy clothes?

**Bear in mind that updating your look,  doesn’t  mean you need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes hems can be taken up or down, things can be taken in or worn with a belt. Wearing a sleeve a different way or tucking in can also make a big difference to an overall look.  Don’t be put off starting a style evolution because you think it’s going to be too hard or cost you too much.   It can be done in baby steps – as long as something is being done to move yourself forward towards feeling good about yourself.

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When I Stepped Outside Of My Comfort Zone

9 Aug

I wore a skirt! 

(But was very tempted to change my mind and take it off) I used to wear skirts, and occasionally dresses, when I worked in an office but when I left I pretty much stopped.  Nowadays I tend to only wear them to funerals, the races and weddings. When I do put one on I feel slightly uncomfortable and a bit self conscious – despite the fact that I love a beautiful dress…and even love the idea of wearing them.

(I liken it to my clients who tell me they stopped wearing heels for whatever reason and find it hard to get back into them)  Sound familiar?

It’s not because I’m being lazy or that I’m just all about comfort, (well I am to an extent, isn’t everybody?) it’s just that I feel more me in pants – interestingly more feminine too.

Anyway, I decided when I ummed and ahhed about wearing this skirt,  that this spring and summer I’m going to challenge myself to try more dresses and skirts (particularly anything 70’s inspired) and see how I feel in them. Promise!  Just like wearing heels, perhaps for me, wearing dresses might take a bit of practice til I feel like myself in them.

Then again, perhaps I’ll decide just like one of my style idols, Emmanuelle Alt (who talks about not wearing dresses and skirts in the video below), that they’re just not my thing.

The most important thing for me (and for you) is that I wear what makes me feel my best –  good about myself.. confident and authentic!  Rather than just wondering what clothes do that though, this does require trying, sampling and challenging from time to time.  Otherwise, there’s a good chance I’ll (You’ll) get stuck. Nobody wants that. Stuck in a time and/or stuck in a rut.  Emmanuelle might not deviate too much from her uniform of pants or jeans and great jacket or top look, but what she does do is stay modern and current in new season shapes, fabrics and styles.

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Not Much Has Changed..

27 Jul

If you’d have seen me on this day 10 or even 15 years ago (when I was working at a bank) I might have been wearing something very similar to what I wore today.

The only difference might be, that black trousers would have replaced the leopard print pants.

My style hasn’t changed much. I’ve always liked wearing tailored pieces, with clean, non fussy lines, in neutral colors (mostly black or navy).

What has happened, is my style has evolved to reflect my new career and lifestyle. It’s now less corporate, less conservative a bit more relaxed and slightly edgy but …always classic (timeless/somewhat traditional)  Some days I’m a bit preppy, other times I’m a bit rock chick (ish).

What you don’t want is your style to lag behind. You want your clothes to keep up with who you are and where you’re at in your life – not 3, 5 or 10 years behind.

Do your clothes represent your current self?

You can also see me wearing the beige trench I’ve had for over a decade here and here.

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Are You Stuck In a Hairstyle Rut?

7 Mar

image via here

I know I’ve talked about hair before, but I think it’s something some of us need a gentle little nudge and reminder about, so I’m going to talk about it again.  The reason that we need to focus in on our hair from time to time is that like anything to do with most of us women  – how we look, how we live our lives – many of us get stuck in a rut and it’s not until a lovely friend or family member (or friendly stylist)  suggests we take care of ourselves and put ourselves first for a bit, that we sit up and take notice and make US a priority.

For me it’s cooking and eating.  It’s not that I don’t eat  – I do…I love food – it’s just that I can go for weeks and then I stop and think, Goodness, when was the last time I ate a piece of meat or sometimes I’ll be running around the shops all day and at 4pm remember that I didn’t stop for lunch.  It’s not intentional, it’s just that I don’t make it a priority and I forget sometimes, until someone (like my lovely friend who arrived at my place yesterday with a coffee, a muffin and some sushi for my lunch, because she knew I was working solidly and would more than likely forget to stop to eat) pulls me up and reminds me I need to take the time and cook and eat properly.

For others it can be that we need reminding that we’re neglecting our image and our look – which of course, in turn makes us feel lousy and bad about ourselves and affects our confidence.  For some it’s clothes, others it’s make- up and too often it’s hair.

  • We don’t have time to sit still in a salon for 2 hours
  • We don’t trust anyone to touch our hair
  • We’re waiting until we lose weight before we worry about what our hair looks like
  • Everyone else in the family needs… a fancy birthday party, an iPod, a new pair of the latest sport shoes, piano lessons, ballet classes, gifts to take to birthday parties and haircuts, before we do
  • We’ve had the same, safe style for so long, we’re too scared to change it
  • We hate spending that sort of money on ourselves
  • We think nobody looks at us anyway. We may as well just tie it up and forget about it

We can all relate to one of these.  Until recently I hadn’t had a haircut in about 6 months.  My hairstylist went on maternity leave and I didn’t trust anybody else.  So I colored it myself and cut my fringe with my nail scissors.  Not a good look – particularly for a personal stylist.  I hoped that nobody noticed my lopsided fringe , but I’m sure they did and were too polite to comment.  I was also putting all of my money into my business and not wanting to spend any on myself – which in actual fact was affecting my brand – which is me.

I realised when my hair stylist came back to work and I visited her for a much needed overhaul, just how much better I feel about myself and how much more confident I am when I’m happy with how my hair looks.

While Suzi was attempting to fix my hacked at fringe, I told her about one of my clients who has not cut or colored her hair in more than 40 years – which was aging her beyond her years and preventing her from seeing the possibilities – and I asked her for some advice as to how I could guide my clients who feel they want to update their look but feel too nervous to, and this is what she said:

“A really great way to update your look is to shift the colour with the changing seasons. It could be as simple as warming up the tones in Autumn and going into winter! Also consider going lighter in the cooler months, when we are wearing lot’s of dark clothing, and slightly deeper in the warmer months when skin is glowing and bright. A new hair look doesn’t have to come about overnight. You can gradually change your hair over a few visits to the salon. Whether with your existing stylist, or a new one, develop a “plan’ for your hair to evolve.”

When was the last time you updated your (hair) look?

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