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Time For A Hair Change?

7 Mar

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Well sadly the 2014 a/w Fashion Week’s are over.  No more fantasising that I’m in New York, Paris, London or Milan..til next time.

I’ve spent hours pouring over the images of the shows, watching online video streams of the parades and scrupulously checking out photos of what those who attended the shows have been wearing.  This is where I get most of my styling inspiration from.

I take note of what shoes show-goers are wearing, how and what coats they’re sporting,  what lengths they’re embracing in skirts and pants, how they’re clashing their patterns, layering their jewellery and what shades they’re wearing on their lips.

But the one image that jumped out at me,  among the hundreds I’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, is this one (above & below) of Clemence Poesy.

image via here

I’m contemplating a hair change.  I’ve had the same style for a while now and I think I’m ready for something fresh and new.

I’d get my hair cut into this style in a flash if I was confident I could achieve Clemence’s disheveled,  just-out-of-bed yet stylish, relaxed, tousled look.

My concern is that for some reason when it’s at chin or shoulder length, my hair has a tendency to flip and I’m nervous it might end up looking like this.

image via here

Rather than look like a cool French girl I might look like a 1960’s Stepford Wife.

Hmm…  Something to ponder over the weekend and then perhaps discuss with my hairstylist next week to get her thoughts. What do you think?

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Special Occasions

24 Jun

I spent last Friday afternoon getting my beautiful niece ready for a year twelve school formal – doing her hair and make-up and …. repairing her shoe when it broke five minutes before we were about to leave.  My cool, calm and collected skills were certainly put to the test.

This is what she wore…

A vintage black velvet dress that was modified and altered to her size, shape and style, Prada gold and black ankle strap heels (see the loose undetected button on the pic of the left heel) and a vintage beaded bag.   She also wore a tiny pair of earrings and that was it for jewelry.  She didn’t want anything to overpower and compete with the shoes.

Channeling a young Brigitte Bardot, I curled her hair (with old fashioned heat rollers) and she wore it natural and slightly messy/tussled. (I used some Schwarzkopf Volume Powder at the roots and lots of Elnett hairspray)  I put a few tiny false lashes on the outside corners of her eyes, a sweep of black liquid liner and lots of black mascara.  She had pink dewy cheeks, a little dab here and there of liquid illuminator and she wore fire engine red lipstick to match her nails.


For any occasion, whether it’s a school formal, a wedding or a fancy party, the outfit you put together (including hair and makeup) should reflect your personal style and flatter your body shape.

If you never wear your hair up, never wear soft floaty pretty dresses or red lipstick, ask yourself, will you feel comfortable and confident wearing it for a special event?  (i.e. if you’d never dream of wearing pale pink or gold in your day to day, why on earth would you wear it on your wedding day)

If you wear a dress or hairstyle that is not flattering to your shape or not really your style, there is the chance that you will spend the entire night (or day) feeling uncomfortable and self conscious.

My niece nailed it. She often wears black, she often wears red lips, she often wears her hair down, natural and wavy and she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry.  When she ran out the door she was a gorgeous,  glammed up version of herself.

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Are You Stuck In a Hairstyle Rut?

7 Mar

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I know I’ve talked about hair before, but I think it’s something some of us need a gentle little nudge and reminder about, so I’m going to talk about it again.  The reason that we need to focus in on our hair from time to time is that like anything to do with most of us women  – how we look, how we live our lives – many of us get stuck in a rut and it’s not until a lovely friend or family member (or friendly stylist)  suggests we take care of ourselves and put ourselves first for a bit, that we sit up and take notice and make US a priority.

For me it’s cooking and eating.  It’s not that I don’t eat  – I do…I love food – it’s just that I can go for weeks and then I stop and think, Goodness, when was the last time I ate a piece of meat or sometimes I’ll be running around the shops all day and at 4pm remember that I didn’t stop for lunch.  It’s not intentional, it’s just that I don’t make it a priority and I forget sometimes, until someone (like my lovely friend who arrived at my place yesterday with a coffee, a muffin and some sushi for my lunch, because she knew I was working solidly and would more than likely forget to stop to eat) pulls me up and reminds me I need to take the time and cook and eat properly.

For others it can be that we need reminding that we’re neglecting our image and our look – which of course, in turn makes us feel lousy and bad about ourselves and affects our confidence.  For some it’s clothes, others it’s make- up and too often it’s hair.

  • We don’t have time to sit still in a salon for 2 hours
  • We don’t trust anyone to touch our hair
  • We’re waiting until we lose weight before we worry about what our hair looks like
  • Everyone else in the family needs… a fancy birthday party, an iPod, a new pair of the latest sport shoes, piano lessons, ballet classes, gifts to take to birthday parties and haircuts, before we do
  • We’ve had the same, safe style for so long, we’re too scared to change it
  • We hate spending that sort of money on ourselves
  • We think nobody looks at us anyway. We may as well just tie it up and forget about it

We can all relate to one of these.  Until recently I hadn’t had a haircut in about 6 months.  My hairstylist went on maternity leave and I didn’t trust anybody else.  So I colored it myself and cut my fringe with my nail scissors.  Not a good look – particularly for a personal stylist.  I hoped that nobody noticed my lopsided fringe , but I’m sure they did and were too polite to comment.  I was also putting all of my money into my business and not wanting to spend any on myself – which in actual fact was affecting my brand – which is me.

I realised when my hair stylist came back to work and I visited her for a much needed overhaul, just how much better I feel about myself and how much more confident I am when I’m happy with how my hair looks.

While Suzi was attempting to fix my hacked at fringe, I told her about one of my clients who has not cut or colored her hair in more than 40 years – which was aging her beyond her years and preventing her from seeing the possibilities – and I asked her for some advice as to how I could guide my clients who feel they want to update their look but feel too nervous to, and this is what she said:

“A really great way to update your look is to shift the colour with the changing seasons. It could be as simple as warming up the tones in Autumn and going into winter! Also consider going lighter in the cooler months, when we are wearing lot’s of dark clothing, and slightly deeper in the warmer months when skin is glowing and bright. A new hair look doesn’t have to come about overnight. You can gradually change your hair over a few visits to the salon. Whether with your existing stylist, or a new one, develop a “plan’ for your hair to evolve.”

When was the last time you updated your (hair) look?

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What Does Your Hair Say About You?

19 Oct

I’ve never once looked in the mirror and thought, “Gee I’ve got good hair”.   In fact quite the opposite.  It’s thin, frizzy, lifeless, and I have a cowlick in the front which makes it difficult to control the fringe.  Through the years I’ve tried many different colors and styles, trying to come up with something I was happy with.  It wasn’t until I found my current hairstylist that I finally started to learn how to wear it so that I was comfortable with how it looked.

When I look through past photos of me and my various hairstyles, (after I cringe) I can recall exactly where I was in my life and how I was feeling at the time. I got a perm when I was in high school because it was the “cool” thing at the time – and of course I wanted to be accepted and liked, so I followed the crowd.  I cut all my hair off when I had a relationship breakup – to start afresh and to tell the world I was grown up and didn’t give a damn if “boys don’t like girls with short hair”.  The blonde streaks were (the nineties) when I was struggling with insecurity and identity – trying to be somebody I wasn’t.

Aside from the few sprouting greys and the constant battle to make it look thicker than it is, today I feel pretty content with my hair.  I’m comfortable that it represents me and who I am. It’s pretty close to the natural color, I try to work with it, rather than against it, I purposely spend less time with the blow dryer and I comfortably feel that I don’t need to conform to a style or a look for anyone else.

What does your hair say about you?

In the same way that your clothes and your style represent who you are, the cut, the style, the condition and the color of your hair can tell a story about you without you even opening your mouth. Your hairstyle can reveal a lot about your personality.  Your hair could be saying….

  • I don’t like change
  • I couldn’t care less what you think
  • I’m petrified of ageing and desperately trying to hold on to my youth
  • Life is a bit out of control at the moment
  • I’m easy going, playful, adventurous and fun
  • I’m not really sure how I want to look
  • I can’t be bothered
  • I’m comfortable with my age
  • I’m in control
  • I’m self conscious and insecure
  • I don’t make time for myself/I’m not a priority/The way I look is not a priority
  • I’m a nonconformist/I’m rebellious

Is that what you want it to say?

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