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Is Your Wardrobe Full Of Someone Else’s Style?

3 Sep

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When you haven’t spent time thinking about, defining and developing your own style, there’s the possibility that you’ll adopt someone else’s.

You might be buying the same things your girlfriends or colleagues are,  wearing clothes your mum or your husband have bought for you,  or copying the style of a character on TV.

Of course that’s perfectly ok if it feels right for you – but often it doesn’t.

It’s quite common to hear, when I first meet a client to do a Wardrobe Overhaul,  that they have lots of clothes, but not really anything they want to wear.  Chances are this is because their wardrobe is full of someone else’s style.

Think about it.  You wouldn’t have a collection of music that wasn’t your taste.   You wouldn’t have art on your walls that wasn’t your taste.  So why collect clothes that really aren’t your taste.

Here’s a good example.

I can imagine there are women all over Australia with pieces they’ve bought purely because it looked like something similar to what Nina Proudman wore, on the show Offspring.

This is great if your style is a little bit bohemian.  You can use Nina’s style as inspiration for what to buy and how to wear your clothes.  But what if it’s not really your style.  What if you’ve just bought maxi skirts, vintage tan belts, scarves and denim jackets because you like Nina’s quirky character and how she looks.  (Think about this: Would you like this style so much if Billie was wearing it?)

What then happens when the show finishes or you discover you’re really not a bohemian dresser at all and your wardrobe is full of Nina’s style – not your own?  You feel confused and frustrated with your wardrobe and feel that nothing works and if you’re anything like me when I was making costly mistakes before I worked out my personal style, you feel annoyed at yourself for spending all the money you did on things that weren’t right for you in the first place.

If you think your wardrobe might be full of someone else’s style why don’t you make 2018 the year you define your own authentic personal style.   Being clear on your personal style and the look you’re wanting to achieve, makes shopping and dressing so much easier ….and it can save you a lot of money.

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You Are Beautiful Just As You Are

15 Jan

I’m a big fan of Diane Keaton and think she’s an incredible actor (Something’s Gotta Give is one of my all time favourite movies and every time I watch it I think Diane – or at least her character – is the woman I want to be when I grow up) so this is not in any way meant to be a negative post.

In the US, straight after Diane appeared at the Golden Globes an advertisement for L’Oreal, in which she is featured, was shown.

L’Oreal has been accused of heavily photo-shopping (blow me down with a feather)  the ad because Diane appears somewhat more youthful, than she  did during her  appearance at the awards.

Diane is 68.  She’s beautiful.  When I think of her I think strong, quirky, poised, talented, unique and with great individual style.  I don’t need to be convinced that she looks 40…or 50,  when she isn’t.  She’s perfect just as she is.

The moral of this story is, next time you see an image of Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep or Nicole Kidman and your first reaction is I’m about her age, why don’t I look like that…remind yourself that chances are they don’t look like that either.

Remind yourself also, that you are lovely and perfect and good enough, just as you are.

Aging can be confronting and challenging for all us, but as I keep reminding my mother and telling myself, it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.   The important thing is to embrace who you are and how special you are, to treat yourself  kindly, to make you a priority and to do whatever it takes to make yourself feel great about yourself at any stage of your life.

Here’s the story told by The Huffington Post.

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