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My Favourite Piece Of Clothing

10 Jul


This is my favourite piece of clothing (and one of my most treasured things) that I own.

My Nan made this jumper for me when I was 19. (I’m turning 51 in a couple of months)

It’s so special because it was a project her and I worked on together. (I saw a picture in a Vogue, took it to her to see if she thought she could recreate it and then between us we had to find a pattern and then the right type of wool so that it looked just like the one in the magazine.

When it was finished we were both thrilled with the result. It was just like the one in the photo.

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My Favourite Undies

26 Sep

These are my current favourite everyday undies.

They’re not very fancy or sexy – very no frills – but super comfortable (the most comfy I own) and completely seamless.

Something I see quite regularly is underpants with a seam that is too firm on the leg – causing an indent which can be seen through the clothes.  I particularly notice it if someone is wearing a slim pair of jeans or pants.

I bought a nude pair of these to sample (to also make sure I get the sizing right) and I plan on going back for more and experimenting with a few other styles.

You can buy them from here

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Weekend Wardrobe Challenge

4 Apr

Cowboy boots


I bought these fabulous cowboy boots in LA in 1996.

To be honest I’m not really sure they were ever my style. But my sister had a pair and I just loved how they looked on her (Sound familiar??), so when I made plans to go to the States, way back then, the first thing on my shopping list was a pair of cowboy boots.

I never say never when it comes to fashion (other than mini skirts, midriff tops and three quarter length pants of course) but I really can’t imagine I will ever wear them again.  I can’t for the life of me think of a way to make them work.  (Back when I bought them I was wearing boot cut styles so I’d wear them under my jeans) Perhaps if I see Ines or Emmanuelle wearing a pair one day, I’ll be inspired and tempted.

But I’ll never get rid of them.

To this day I remember exactly where I bought them, who I was with, the discussion I had with the sales person about how to break them in and the joy I felt when I found them.

The boots always bring back special memories and represent a wonderful holiday I had with my mum and dad. They’re a sentimental piece that will always be with me.

If you have a cardigan that was your nans, a windcheater you wore to uni, a pair of jeans you wore on your first date with your husband or your wedding shoes sitting in your wardrobe because you can’t bear to part with them, pull them out and put them in a storage tub or a drawer and keep them safe there.  Get them out of your wardrobe and archive them.  (Particularly if your wardrobe is busting at the seams and you’re having difficulty being able to see everything you have to work with)  Only hang the things you can and will wear today.

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What I Wore To Derby Day

8 Nov

I only had a couple of days to pull an outfit together for Derby Day.  I got the call up to go along to the Saturday event on the Wednesday.  Because I was busy helping others put together their outfits, I didn’t have any shopping time and needed to work with something I already had hanging in my wardrobe.  Fortunately I had all the pieces I needed, but despite that, I was still sewing at 11pm the night before.

Derby Day is traditionally black and white dress, so that worked in my favour, given 70% of my wardrobe is black. I knew that the marquee I was going to, given it was being hosted by a corporate group, would be relatively conservative, and kept that in mind when I put together my race day ensemble.

Here’s what I wore..

A vintage black silk skirt.  I bought this from an opshop for $10 a couple of years ago and it’s been hanging in my wardrobe unworn til now.   It started it’s life as a floor length evening skirt, but I cropped it (& hemmed it by hand myself the night before) to the knee.

A Zara blazer with a black body suit underneath.

A belt around my waist that I made from a piece of ribbon from Spotlight and a *buckle I’d taken off a jacket I threw out about a year ago.

I’m not really a hat person.  I wish I was, but because I’m quite petite they swallow me up, so I prefer, if I wear anything, for it to be something  little.  I pulled fluff and feathers (that I would never have worn on my head) off this headpiece I’d had for years but never worn and simply added some net and a vintage brooch I bought in a little fishing village in Massachusetts over 15 years ago.  A very sentimental piece, which is always a lovely thing to add to your outfit to make it feel special.

The bag I carried is a vintage cream snakeskin clutch I bought on Etsy.

My shoes were black patent leather open toe heels from Zomp.

And on my toes I wore my favourite nail color – Rouge Noir by Chanel

*When you decide to throw a piece out of your wardrobe, before it hits the rubbish bin look it over and see if there’s anything you can keep and re-use.  Sometimes dresses come with belts.  Belts that could be worn with different dresses or over tops or cardies.  Jackets come with great buttons. Buttons that could be taken off and used to reinvent another jacket.  And tops have lovely beading.  Beading that could be added to a collar of a shirt or a little vintage bag.  Just because the item has run it’s course in your wardrobe it doesn’t mean it’s embellishment has too. 

(I have even been known to salvage items from a clients wardrobe that were destined for Vinnies or the garbage bag, because the fabric was lovely and I thought it could be used as a cushion) 

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