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Where To Spend And Where To Save In Your Wardrobe

17 Sep

Where To Spend And Were to Save In Your Wardrobe
Where To Spend And Were to Save In Your Wardrobe

Think about where you should be spending your money and where you should be saving, (or at least not so heavily investing) when it comes to your wardrobe. .

It seems silly that you would have a $79 H&M black blazer that you bought knowing you wanted to wear it to work at least twice (maybe 3 times) a week, that looks tired and scruffy after one dry clean, but then you spend $550 on a dress you wear to Oaks Day – once. .

The blazer I’m wearing here is about 5 years old. It cost me about $350. I wear it at least twice a week – to work, to dinners, to the races, to meetings, to funerals, etc.. (You can see here I’m wearing it as a suit) It still looks as good as it did 5 years ago. .

Food for thought…

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The Coat Wardrobe

24 Jul

Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, you might need a variety of coats for winter – one for everyday wear (perhaps for work), one for weekends, one for evenings out and one for extreme cold. (ie the big puffy fur lined coat I might wear to the football).

If your work coat, is the same as your going out coat, and your watching kids sport coat, and your go to the snow coat, etc, .. think about building a wardrobe of different coats for different occasions.

Coats can be expensive investment pieces, so start with the one you need and will wear the most. Then continue down the list.

I bought this one (pictured), a statement/fun coat, after I’d ticked off all the others I needed more. I like to buy myself a new coat every few years – and have a collection that I’ve had for about 20 years. (Which also includes a vintage Dior I found in an opshop, for $40 ?).

Rather than just buying stuff, (and still feeling like you have nothing to wear) think about what your wardrobe needs.

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The Sales Can Be Fabulous And They Can Be Disastrous

28 May

image via here

We’re currently in what can be, not quite disastrous, but certainly a dangerous period.   Sales time.

This is the time when costly shopping mistakes are frequently made.

It’s when we can be easily lured into buying something we don’t really love, that isn’t at all flattering and doesn’t one bit represent the style and image we want to portray.

Here’s a scenario to think about…

You’ve been looking for something to wear to a friends wedding and not having much luck. You head out to the shops, thinking I have to get something today. I’m getting desperate.

You walk into a designer shop where they’re having a big sale. You’re thinking, this looks promising. But discover the only thing in your size is this pale pink satin ruched dress (pictured above).  It’s original price was $2072 and it’s on sale for $300.  And it’s Nina Ricci.  OMG you think.  I could never afford a designer dress like this normally.  This is such a huge bargain. You try it on and it fits even though the neckline is too high for you, the length too short, you don’t really like the color (and it’s too pale for you) and you have no idea what underwear you’ll be able to wear to smooth out the lumps and bumps, which the shiny fabric seems to be highlighting.  But it’s designer, it fits, it’s such a bargain and you’re desperate to buy something.  The wedding is only 3 weeks away.

You’re still debating whether or not you should take it or not when the sales person comes over and tells you you look incredible in it and that it’s beautifully made and only a handful of them were created – therefore nobody else will be wearing the same as you on the night.  She gives you some ideas for how to accessorise it and how you could wear your hair and by now you’re starting to think it must look good if she says so.  She works in fashion so she probably knows better than you.  She could be right – the light’s not great in the change room, you don’t have any makeup on and you’re wearing bad undies.

What do you do?   Do you buy it or leave it?

*If you do buy it…do you feel incredible when you wear it or do you feel uncomfortable, unauthentic and wish you’d bought something that was flattering to your shape and reflected your style?

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What My Client Bought

27 Apr

Yesterday my client, originally from Melbourne now living overseas, booked in with me to go shopping while she was here. She wanted to discover some new shops and brands and make the most of her time (it was a quick visit to see family). She also often found it difficult to find clothes that fit her well, so she wanted some help and advice on that.

Once she’d sent me through her completed pre-shop questionnaire, I did the research and put together an itinerary.

One of the things on her list was a smart casual jacket.

She loved this one (above) – it fit and flattered her beautifully, with only a small alteration to the sleeve length needed – but initially when she put it on, it felt too corporate/office-y for her. (She’s an architect)

But…when we talked about all the edgy ways she could wear it, she was sold.

TIP – We pulled out pieces we’d already bought together in other shops and tried them on with the jacket, to see whether they’d work. Don’t just rely on clothes in the store, to accompany a piece you’re considering buying. The right jacket, skirt, pants, etc, might come from elsewhere. You don’t have to buy a complete outfit in one store.

She could wear it with..

A t-shirt, the boyfriend jeans we bought (elsewhere) and her cool leather sneakers

From here

These pants (or the black slim jeans we bought somewhere else), a silk blouse and her studded ankle boots.

A leather skirt or pants…

She also bought this jumpsuit I mentioned on my Facebook page a little while ago. (Again we talked about all the different ways she could wear it – from sneakers to strappy heels – depending on the occasion. *This would need to be altered on the shoulders to fit just right. My client is a petite, size 16 – 18.

From here (On sale)

You can buy the jacket from here

TIP – If you sign up to become a VIP, or are a VIP, you get 10% off

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