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There’s A Story About This Suit..

9 Nov

It was 2000 – 2001-ish and I was looking for something to wear to one of the Spring Carnival race days.

On my lunch break one day, I spotted this suit in Bettina Liano. While I rarely wear pink it was actually the beautiful color that caught my eye – but, at around $1000, it was way beyond my budget at the time. Nevertheless, I went back and tried it on and looked at it 3 times until I finally decided I had to give up on it. I just couldn’t afford it. .

Then a few weeks later I was shopping with my sister and we stumbled on a Bettina Liano outlet store…..and there was the suit – for $50. I couldn’t believe my luck. We both bought one. Some things are meant to be..

I got heaps of wear out of it. To the races, to Christmas parties, weddings, etc – and then I retired it. I think I got a bit tired of it, but also then it felt slightly dated and it became too snug. .

Recently I pulled it out – it hasn’t seen light of day in about a decade – tried it on and had a good look at it. It was too firm across the back (could hardly button it up) and tight on my bum. (I could stand but not sit) It looked silly. Like I was squeezing into it. So I took it to Jose to see whether he thought he could do anything to it. (We worked together. I told him how I wanted the suit to look and what I thought needed to be done and then he looked at it and told me honestly, whether he thought that was possible.) He wasn’t sure how much there was available to work with in the seams, but he’d give it a go. When I went to pick it up, it was spot on. He has let it out in exactly the right amount of places, (in the right places) so that it wasn’t too much, or not enough.

Then next up I replaced the old buttons to update and modernise the look. (The original wooden buttons had been broken at the dry cleaners many years ago and new ones put on that I was never really happy with) . *I just found these ones at Lincraft.

…and yesterday I wore it again to Oaks Day. It’s looking a bit disheveled here. I got wet on my way home. If you scroll down you can see what I wore on my head, etc. (The headpiece was bought at the same time as the suit. My sister and I went halves. She’d wear it when she wore her suit and I’d wear it when I wore my suit. .

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My Favourite Way To Dress

28 Oct

My favourite way to dress is to combine pieces that are high/low, from near and far and old and new. .

For me it feels more creative than wearing head-to-toe current season (which I do do occasionally – but it doesn’t seem as interesting).

For this reason I think about building a wardrobe, rather than just having clothes in my wardrobe for a season. .

Here I’m wearing a vintage embroidered blouse, which I found in a local opshop (about 8 yrs ago) for $5. With it I’m wearing, my favourite Levi’s, (bought in Melbourne), a pair of Scanlan Theodore shoes, a Maje necklace I bought in Paris and a Clare Vivier bag my sisters gave me for my birthday (which they had shipped from either New York).

While this top only cost me $5, I liked it so much I thought it was worth spending the money to have it altered. When I bought it the sleeves were too long. I wanted them to sit above my wrist bone – so I took it to my tailor and he removed the embroidered strip, shortened them, and then replaced the embroidery. Much better!

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The Coat Wardrobe

24 Jul

Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, you might need a variety of coats for winter – one for everyday wear (perhaps for work), one for weekends, one for evenings out and one for extreme cold. (ie the big puffy fur lined coat I might wear to the football).

If your work coat, is the same as your going out coat, and your watching kids sport coat, and your go to the snow coat, etc, .. think about building a wardrobe of different coats for different occasions.

Coats can be expensive investment pieces, so start with the one you need and will wear the most. Then continue down the list.

I bought this one (pictured), a statement/fun coat, after I’d ticked off all the others I needed more. I like to buy myself a new coat every few years – and have a collection that I’ve had for about 20 years. (Which also includes a vintage Dior I found in an opshop, for $40 ?).

Rather than just buying stuff, (and still feeling like you have nothing to wear) think about what your wardrobe needs.

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7 Feb

When I’m not at a client’s home going through their wardrobe or taking them shopping, one of the things I might be doing – is research.

This could mean online searching, ringing around, calling into stores and chatting to the staff about what’s new and what’s coming in soon… and lots of trying on.

(I try on to see how things fit size wise but also to see how they look on the body – perhaps how the fabric drapes and moves- as well as how they feel.) *Comfort is a very high priority for the majority of my clients – and me!  I’ll also be looking to see how well – or not – the garment is made (despite the cost) and I’ll be sampling new season styles.

Research and preparation is done so that I can put together a suggested itinerary of stores to visit and a list of pieces to try – but also to ensure that our time together is well spent and not wasted.

Here’s me trying on pieces in Zara 🙂

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