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I’m Taking A Trip..

2 Aug

I’m taking a *trip at the end of this month for a couple of weeks.

So…..if you’ve been thinking about booking in for a Wardrobe Overhaul,  some outfit planning or shopping in preparation for spring, now’s the time to do it (while I still have availability before I head away).

I’m also taking bookings for my return in mid September (Which can start to be the beginning of crazy time in the lead up to the Spring Racing Carnival, so secure your appointment now)

Don’t miss out!  (Email me here for my availability)

(Keep in mind I take shopping appointments til 7pm Monday – Thursday.  I’m squeezing in as many sessions as I can, to get you ready for spring, before I go)

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What To Wear When Travelling On A Plane

9 Aug

image via here

Recently I asked my Facebook community if there was anything in particular they’d like me to cover with regard to style, dressing or shopping.  One of the questions I was asked was,

“Meaghan do you have any style tips on what to wear on really long plane trips and how to arrive looking stylish at the other end?? Any tips on travelling would be good (e.g. How to pack & what to pack)  I am travelling economy and going to Ireland then the US so I’m spending a lot of time travelling.”

While I won’t cover all of it on this occasion,  I thought I would give you some ideas as to what to wear for long haul flights.

When I’m travelling overseas, (and doing so in economy class) the things I consider are:  comfort, warmth, practicality and style.

I wear a comfortable pair of jeans or chinos, then I layer on top of each other a t-shirt, a sweater (More than likely a cashmere crew neck from Uniqlo) and a jacket – either a trench or a leather jacket.

My outfit would be mostly dark shades, just in case I spill my dinner or red wine on myself.  I’d be wearing a pair of sneakers or comfy flats and a large cashmere scarf, because not only does it enhance the look of the outfit, but it also keeps you warm if it gets cool on the plane.

In my carry on bag I’ll have magazines, a book, a pair of warm socks to change into, some products (deodorant, cleansing wipes, dry shampoo, etc) so that I can freshen up before I arrive and a clean t-shirt and underwear, to change into.

If I’m travelling somewhere that’s going to be cold and I have quite a large heavy case that I’m concerned about weighing in at the airport, I also try and wear my heaviest items on the plane, knowing that I can unpeel the layers if I get warm. (ie. knee high boots and coat)

When I arrive at my hotel the clothes I wore on the plane would either be aired or washed so that I could wear them again with the clothes I packed.

If I wore chinos, a sweater and sneakers on the plane, I might wear them again with flat sandals and a t-shirt while I’m sightseeing or to dinner with a pair of heels, a blouse and a jacket.  I want everything in my case to mix and match and work with each other.  (I have a packing strategy I use to ensure everything works together)

Here’s some outfit ideas…

image via here

image via here
image via here
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image via here

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