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How To Reinvent Your Blazers

27 Feb

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If you’re like me and you have a collection of blazers you’ve gathered over the years, you might consider trying this new(ish) look for autumn.

A logo/print/band/statement t-shirt, under a blazer.

It’s a casual (yet smart) way to wear some of your blazers that have in the past, felt restricted to just wearing to work.

It means reinventing an old piece from your wardrobe and wearing it in a new way.  (Like I did with this sentimental old jacket)

(You can see how I wore my velvet blazer with a Mickey Mouse t-shirt here)

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For those wondering, I don’t think this is a look that has an age restriction.  Everyone can do it.  You just need to find a tee that represents you and your style. (And of course, one that’s flattering)  For some it might be a favourite band (ACDC?) and for others it could be something with an artsy pattern or some sparkle on it.

If you fancy the idea of a gingham blazer, this is one that I like in the stores at the moment.  You can buy it here  *It’s $299 or $209 when you shop with me (With my stylist discount).

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How To Freshen Up Your Look Without Spending A Lot Of Money

13 Feb

When you decide you want to update your style and your wardrobe, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy lots of new clothes. Not everyone is in the position to do that.

It might mean reinventing some of the pieces you already have or being creative and coming up with new outfits, that feel fresh and different.

Last week I worked with a lady (reviewing her wardrobe) who had a beautiful dress in a fabric and color she adored, but the shape of it was no longer working for her. Rather than getting rid of it I suggested she have it made into a skirt. She loved the idea. I do it myself with my clothes, when I get bored with something. I might change a sleeve, adjust a length, dye it or in the case of this blazer….swap over the buttons.

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The Velvet Blazer

3 Aug

The newest addition to my wardrobe is this navy velvet blazer.

You can spend a squillion dollars on a fancy designer blazer but if it doesn’t fit properly (ie the shoulders, the armholes, the length, the sleeve width, the sleeve length, the back seam and the lapels) it’ll never look great.  (*If you’d like to learn how to know when a blazer fits you perfectly book in for a styling session with me here)

If it’s not quite right, leave it behind in the store or commit to having it altered.

TIP – The shoulders should always fit perfectly because it’s too hard to have them fixed..

This one was on sale for $39 and it fits just right. (I also bought it in black)


Blazer – Uniqlo (From the Ines de la Fressange range)
Tee – Gap
Pants – Zara

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Do Your Classics Need An Update…..Or A Revamp?

7 Feb

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Not everyone will have classic pieces in their wardrobe – and that’s ok.   Not all of us like to dress classically.  Think of Lee Lin Chin.   Having an artsy, avant-garde style, she’d probably feel bored and uncomfortable in a classic white shirt.

But for those of you who do have classic style, (ie traditional, tailored, clean, simple)  with a wardrobe of pieces to complement it, the thing to keep in mind is that while classic clothes are often described as being timeless – realistically they are not.

Classic clothes date like everything else.

Here’s your homework…

Pull out all of your classic pieces and throw them on the bed.   They might be…

Classic blue jeans

Classic white shirt

Classic navy blazer

Classic black pants

Classic grey pencil skirt

Classic beige trench coat

Classic blue sweater

Classic tailored dress

Classic black pump

Now, one by one, try them on and assess whether they are still current.

Give away’s will be, the size and width of the shoulder, where they sit on your torso (ie low or high waisted), the size of the collar and/or lapel, the width of the sleeve, where the pants finish on your leg, the width of the leg, the shape of the skirt, the length of the armhole and the shape of the toe of your shoe.

*If you have a suit you bought in 1992 from Armani or Anthea Crawford, despite it being beautiful fabric and quite possibly still in impeccable condition,  it’s more than likely out-dated.  Before you decide to toss it consider whether it can be reinvented by a tailor.  Don’t however, keep hanging on to it, wearing it, just because it cost you a lot of money 20 years ago.  Revamp or let it go!

While you certainly don’t have to wear clothes that are trendy, you do not want to wear clothes that are outdated.  Tired and outdated is aging.  Modern and current is youthful.

If you’re unsure and having difficulty determining what has and hasn’t dated in your wardrobe, consider booking in for a Wardrobe Overhaul and I will help you.

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