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Are Your Dowdy Clothes Ageing You?

15 Mar

Are your dowdy skirts and ill-fitting jackets making you look older than you are and frumpier than you want to be? (Nobody wants to look frumpy, right?)

Next time you try on a skirt and/or a jacket take a close look in the mirror..

Is the skirt length flattering your legs?

Is it sitting at the right place on your waist?

Is there too much fabric?

Is the jacket the right length for you?

Do the shoulders and armholes fit properly?

Is there too much material in the sleeves?

Is the style still current? (Or outdated?)

As you can see in the images above, a few tweaks (and perhaps a little bit of photo-shopping in one) to what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it can make a whole lot of difference.

If you’re not sure about some of the clothes in your wardrobe and would like help determining whether something should stay or go or be reinvented, book in (or enquire about) a Wardrobe Overhaul here  (Likewise if you’re not confident shopping for flattering clothes)

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*Original source of photos is unknown.  I came across them on Pinterest.  If anyone knows please contact me and I’ll credit it.

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Just Because It’s Your Usual Size And You Can Get It On, Doesn’t Mean It Fits

8 Jul

image via here

Two (generally) size 12 women go into a store together.

One is five foot 2 (considered a petite) – she has a defined waist and her hips, bottom and thighs are wider than her bust and/or shoulders. (Commonly known as triangular in shape).

The other is five foot 9 – her shoulders, bust and hips are about the same size, with no defined waist. (Commonly known as rectangular in shape).

Remember both generally wear a size 12.

There is no way that the size 12 in the store will fit them both beautifully. It might roughly fit, (ie they might be able to get it on) but that’s about it.

In this case, when something fits you sort of ok – it’s then up to you to decide whether you walk away or whether you commit to having it altered.  Near enough, is not good enough. 

*As a petite it can be challenging to find clothes that fit me well.  If I find something I love that doesn’t fit just right, I buy it with the proviso I can return it, then I take it to my tailor to see if he can alter it to fit me. This might mean having it lifted on the shoulders or waist, the seams run in through the middle, the sleeves shortened or just a simple hem taken up.

Learn how to tell when something doesn’t fit you properly. It’s the number one thing I see in the wardrobes that I help overhaul. Lots of women buy clothes that don’t fit them, then just settle for wearing them ill- fitting. Often they can tell something isn’t right – because they know when they put something on that it doesn’t feel great – but they’re not sure why.

Despite your budget, ensuring each item in your wardrobe fits well, (whether it’s a t-shirt, blazer or pair of jeans) will instantly give your look a stylish upgrade.

*If you’d like me to teach you about how clothes should fit contact me here 

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Are You Dressing Too Old?

1 Jul

image via here

There are many reasons why some of us dress older than we need to. It may be the company we keep is older than we are; we might think the number on our drivers license dictates how we should look; we may recall that this was how our mother dressed when she was this age or we just don’t feel youthful and attractive any more.

I know when we get to a mature age it can be tricky because we can worry about dressing too young. (I’m just about to turn 52, so I’m constantly asking myself whether I think something is too young or too old for me to wear.) But I think what often happens, in trying to make sure we don’t dress too young is, we dress too old.

Fortunately there are simple changes you can make to your wardrobe that will immediately make you look and feel more youthful, up to date and attractive.

..and let’s face it, every woman, despite their age, size, lifestyle, shape or budget deserves to feel good about themselves.

You can see in these before and after photos what a difference clothes can make.  (Despite the fact that they are a few years old and some of the pieces are a little bit dated)

In this photo the clothes are ill-fitting, shapeless, unflattering, old fashioned and drab.

fashion makeover

image via here

In the photo below, the same woman is wearing clothes that, without being too tight or uncomfortable,  highlight the figure, fit quite well, show a little bit of skin and are more modern.

She looks younger.  (And slimmer)

style makeover

image via here

Do you feel trapped in the fashion past and stuck in a world of beige, plain, sensible, too big, drab, unflattering, clothes?

Consider the following when assessing whether your wardrobe is too old and whether you need a fashion makeover

  • There is not one fitted, figure enhancing item in your wardrobe
  • You haven’t updated your reading or sunglasses in fifteen years
  • You wear your hair the same way you did in primary school
  • You either don’t own a pair of jeans or the ones you do have are acid washed and the waist is almost up to your armpits (or so low they almost reach your pubic line)
  • The only handbag you use is the one your Nana gave you for your 21st
  • Your last bra fitting was also your first
  • 99% of what you have in your wardrobe is functional and comfortable, rather than stylish and flattering
  • The only pair of heels in your cupboard are the ones packed away in a box with your wedding dress
  • You still have and from time to time wear, outdated outfits you wore to work in the eighties
  • The majority of your wardrobe is two sizes too big or too small

Are you dressing too old?

If you need help going through your wardrobe and deciding whether any of your clothes are too old for you book in or enquire about a Wardrobe Overhaul here 

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For Your Style To Evolve, Be Open To Trying New Things

11 Dec


My client was looking for black pants she could wear during summer for work presentations, out for a nice dinner or casually. She works in the health/fitness industry and so didn’t want anything that looked too corporate/office professional.

We sampled about 4 pairs of slim fitting pants but none of them worked for her shape. (She’s similar to an inverted triangle – very small through the hips with very slim legs)  Most were a little too snug on the tummy but then not fitting (too loose) how I wanted them to on her legs and bottom.

Then I thought of these. When I took them into the changeroom I could see by the look on my clients face that she wasn’t sure.  (But well done to her – she was open to the idea and gave them a go) The idea of a culotte was a bit too out there. Like most people, they reminded her of something that was around in the 80’s. I didn’t know what to expect when she came out of the fitting room – but when we teamed them with a top, a belt and the right shoes – she loved them.

They looked and felt elegant, highlighted her lovely ankles, created an hourglass shape (accentuated the waist), made her bum look great, worked for her style and lifestyle, could be worn in lots of different ways…and were within her budget.  (Less than the price on the website with my stylist discount)

Push yourself to experiment with something different.  (Particularly if your wardrobe is feeling same old, same old) If you keep trying and buying things that are similar to everything else you own, your style and your look won’t evolve – it’ll stay the same and risks becoming stuck, stale and outdated.

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