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How 50 Year Old’s Dressed In The 1950’s

21 Nov

 “At that age, women were officially deemed old and were therefore expected to keep their bodies shrouded. On them, bright colors were considered garish; loose hair was out of the question.” – More Magazine

..and this is how some women in their fifties, dress today..

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When Pants Do This, They Don’t Fit

18 Nov

When a pair of tailored pants pull across the hips and pocket like this…they don’t fit.

Notice the lines being created – because the pants are too tight across the hips – from the top of the zip to the pocket. …and then, as a result,  how the pocket is pulling away from the body.

Because the pants are ill-fitting across the hips it’s drawing attention to the area …..and it looks messy!

I understand for Kim and for those who have similar shapes to her (tiny waist with wider hips and bottom), that finding pants that fit well can be difficult.

My advice is to keep shopping til you find a pair that work for you.  Don’t just settle for “These will have to do”.  I know it can be very frustrating, but you need to be prepared to try lots of different styles til you find a pair that are just right.  In Kim’s case a different fabric or a style without pockets might have worked better for her.

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And secondly, consider buying up a size and having them tailored to fit you.  (Or alternatively, have a pair made)  *I’m sure Kim could afford to work with a tailor.

Remember recently I wrote about how a pencil skirt shouldn’t pull across the hips here.   Same thing…

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The Clutch

20 Aug

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I love the idea of a clutch bag.  They remind me of a couple of things – the 70’s …and Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw.  Both of which have influenced my style a lot.  (I would wear Farrah’s outfit (above) head to toe today)

image via here

Perhaps it’s because I’m petite (ie under 5ft 4), but I like the idea of not being swamped by or having to lug around, a big oversized bag, instead having something small that I can hold in my hand (like Amal did here and Meghan did here) or tuck under my arm. (Like so).

I’ve collected a few over the years.  There’s this one, a birthday gift from my family, this one I found at The Mill Market in Geelong, and this one I bought from a vintage store in Paris.

While I tend not to use them much during my day to day, the first chance I get to pull one out and use it for a night out or a day at the races, I do.

Florsheim (the iconic shoe company that’s been around since 1892) recently gave me this lovely fold over clutch from their Zizi range (yep, they also do great bags), and I thought rather than keep it for myself, that I’d pass it on to one of you.

As I’ve mentioned before, a new bag can instantly jazz up some of the old pieces in your wardrobe and transform an outfit from casual to dressy or day to night – just like a pair of shoes can.  I encourage all of my clients to think about building a handbag collection – just like a shoe collection.

To have a chance to add this lovely little bag to your wardrobe, all you need to do is book in and work with me between today (Monday 20 August) and Saturday 22 September and you’ll go in the draw to win it.   I’ll (randomly) pick the winner on 23 September – my birthday.

The best thing about this little bag is that it has a handle so you can carry like this…

or fold it over and carry it like this…

It’s made in Italy of buttery soft calf leather and valued at $199.

You can buy the lovely little “Donna” clutch (also available in green) from here 

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How To Shop With Confidence

26 Jul

How to shop wisely
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Here’s a little story about a client whose clothes weren’t making her feel great.

She was prompted to contact me because..

She’d recently lost a lot of weight and needed to upgrade her wardrobe but wasn’t sure what to buy to suit and flatter her new shape. She was also bored with her current clothes and needed some guidance with developing a new look, as she felt she was going into a new phase in her life and wanted to enter it on the right, stylish foot.

After talking about what direction she wanted her style to go in and when I felt we were both clear about it, we got stuck into working through her wardrobe.   Which consisted of:

  • Outdated, tired and daggy clothes she’d had since the nineties. Some from her uni and back-packing days
  • Clothes that were nice BUT didn’t fit properly or were unflattering to her particular body shape or completely opposite to her personal style
  • Pieces that were making her feel and appear older than she was and making her look frumpy
  • Items that were for exercising

As we continued to work through the wardrobe I observed that a large amount of her (newish) clothes had been purchased from the same local shop and it became apparent to me that my client had been misled into believing these clothes suited and flattered her body shape, when they didn’t.

My client had been enticed to shop at this particular fancy city boutique because it was close to where she worked and therefore convenient, because she’d noticed the girls working in the store looked ‘trendy” and because she wanted to update her look and was uncertain how to do so.

But…not only were these clothes unflattering, they were also not her style.

Although we’d determined together this girls style/personality was “Classic” (tailored, clean, simple, somewhat traditional)  she had been talked into purchasing things that were very pretty/floaty/whimsical/patterned.

She could never work out how to wear them. They looked great on the people in the shop but when she took them home and put them on, they felt all wrong.

Because they weren’t her style.  They were someone else’s.

The boutique in question sold beautiful clothes, just not pieces that suited my clients style.

This is why it is so important that you know exactly what your style is, what the image that you want to portray is and what styles flatter your body shape.

If you don’t want to waste your money by filling your wardrobe with clothes that don’t make you feel great, you need to:

  • Learn and understand what flatters your body shape
  • Know which shops don’t have the clothes that suit your personal style and which shops do
  • Define and develop your own unique personal style and be sure about what you buy fits into this image
  • Learn how to be a smart shopper or take someone with you who is, so that you don’t buy into fake flattery
  • Don’t be talked into buying or wearing something unless you love it

I don’t entirely blame the staff in the stores for selling things to us that don’t complement our style or shape.  They’re like all of us, trying to earn a living and more than likely doing what their boss has instructed them to do.  Some of these girls would be students, working part time and they haven’t been educated about body shapes.  We need to take responsibility ourselves by knowing what we’re shopping for.  I guess if you asked does this flatter my shape, and they lied to you, that’s another issue.

If you feel like this is happening to you and you’d like help defining your style and then achieving it, book in for a Wardrobe Overhaul and Personal Shopping session here 

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