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Have You Had A Fashion Light Bulb Moment?

24 Oct

In order for you to dress and shop without frustration and so that you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes, you need to have a very clear idea what your style is. Keep asking yourself every time you put something on, how you feel. (It’s not just about how you look. You might put something on that a friend or shop assistant says looks great, but unless you feel it, it’s not going to work for you) 

I was thrilled to get this email from a lovely girl I recently worked with. It’s always very rewarding when I know that someone has got it (and also received some nice compliments).

“Hi Meaghan

I just wanted you to know that I had a fashion light bulb moment when we went out (shopping) and I’m so pleased with my purchases. I even took all the tags off the items I bought. Amazing.

I went out to the work function in the outfit we bought at Country Road and felt fabulous. I went around to my daughters before I left, to get her opinion and her husband was just staring at me. He said he didn’t think he had seen me in a skirt and why on earth not. At the function the girls commented positively on my outfit. In a way it didn’t matter what they thought because I was dressing in a manner that was MY style and I felt really comfortable. And it wasn’t hard. Thank you so much. As I said before I feel like I can breath and a weight has been lifted off me.

In the short time I have spent with you you have made a difference in my life and I am truly grateful.



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How To Wear Leopard Print

26 Sep

image via here

I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – a few of my clients have told me they feel it’s “old lady”, “frumpy” or “flashy” – but I’m mad about leopard print.  In fact, along with stripes, leopard is pretty much the only pattern I wear. .

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to give leopard a go, but you’re not sure how to wear it, here’s a few tips…

  • Opt for a flattering size and shade for you and your body shape
  • If you’re concerned about overload, keep it fairly simple and minimal – wear no more than one piece at a time. (perhaps an accessory rather than an item of clothing).
  • Treat it like it’s a neutral color
  • Try clashing it with other classic patterns, like stripes or checks

From my Instagram, below are some of the ways I’ve worn the leopard pieces in my wardrobe…

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The Clutch

20 Aug

image via here

I love the idea of a clutch bag.  They remind me of a couple of things – the 70’s …and Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw.  Both of which have influenced my style a lot.  (I would wear Farrah’s outfit (above) head to toe today)

image via here

Perhaps it’s because I’m petite (ie under 5ft 4), but I like the idea of not being swamped by or having to lug around, a big oversized bag, instead having something small that I can hold in my hand (like Amal did here and Meghan did here) or tuck under my arm. (Like so).

I’ve collected a few over the years.  There’s this one, a birthday gift from my family, this one I found at The Mill Market in Geelong, and this one I bought from a vintage store in Paris.

While I tend not to use them much during my day to day, the first chance I get to pull one out and use it for a night out or a day at the races, I do.

Florsheim (the iconic shoe company that’s been around since 1892) recently gave me this lovely fold over clutch from their Zizi range (yep, they also do great bags), and I thought rather than keep it for myself, that I’d pass it on to one of you.

As I’ve mentioned before, a new bag can instantly jazz up some of the old pieces in your wardrobe and transform an outfit from casual to dressy or day to night – just like a pair of shoes can.  I encourage all of my clients to think about building a handbag collection – just like a shoe collection.

To have a chance to add this lovely little bag to your wardrobe, all you need to do is book in and work with me between today (Monday 20 August) and Saturday 22 September and you’ll go in the draw to win it.   I’ll (randomly) pick the winner on 23 September – my birthday.

The best thing about this little bag is that it has a handle so you can carry like this…

or fold it over and carry it like this…

It’s made in Italy of buttery soft calf leather and valued at $199.

You can buy the lovely little “Donna” clutch (also available in green) from here 

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A New Outfit Wearing My Old Clothes

17 Jul

A New Outfit Wearing My Old Clothes


Leonie and I worked together about 3 years ago. We did a Wardrobe Overhaul and an everyday winter shop.

She emailed me last week and said she felt herself falling back into some of her old ways – wearing the same thing over and over, day after day, and wasting money buying things (in the sales) that she had no idea what to do with.  (And as result didn’t wear!)

She was getting bored with her clothes..and worse..herself.

I suggested I come over and we play around with her clothes and see if we could come up with some new outfits – then take some pics so she could have some go to outfits – which should eliminate daily what to wear stress. It could be that some pieces in her wardrobe are getting tired and need refreshing, and/or it could be that she just needs to feel excited about her clothes and getting dressed again.

To (hopefully) inspire her and show her what possibilities could be hiding within her wardrobe I wore a new (never worn) outfit today – using all old pieces.

I’ve had the jeans, the belt and the shoes for about 3 years, the blouse is about 8 years old and I bought the trench in 2006.  The bag – a statement that adds freshness to the old clothes, I bought about 18 months ago. The only new thing I’m wearing is a Uniqlo Heattech camisole under my blouse for warmth.

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