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Wardrobe Essentials

22 Jun


If you wear knits, then you need something to de-pill and de-fluff them so that they continue to look fresh and new, rather than tired and old.

Pilling is the fibers breaking and forming little balls on the surface of the knit.   It tends to happen mostly where the fabric rubs together (ie under or down the sides of the arms) or where something you’ve worn has brushed against it (a jacket or bag), but can also happen in the wash.

There are various little contraptions that can be used (including a razor if you’re very, very careful) to remove the pills from your knits – these, pictured above,  are the ones that I use. From memory I bought both from discount stores for about $4 each, but you can find them at different places including supermarkets, haberdashery and hardware stores.

The idea is the comb lifts the pills from the garment and then the lint remover brushes them off.

*Of course the lint remover is also essential for removing fluff, dandruff, dust, hair, etc from your clothes.

**Keep in mind that moths are attracted to dirty clothes, so it’s always a good idea to remove anything that can get trapped in the fibers as best you can, to avoid them having a feast  in your wardrobe and destroying your favourite pieces.

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How To Clean Suede Shoes

2 Mar

I went out for dinner on Saturday night and got completely soaked on the way there. (Caught public transport and had no umbrella) I’m talking walking into a restaurant looking like I just got out of the shower. Drenched!

Despite the rain, it was still nice and warm and lots of fun so I got over the fact that I apparently “looked like I had a bad perm”, once my hair had dried, but was not very happy the following morning when I woke up to see the damage to my red suede shoes. When I first saw them I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fix the dye that had run.

Fortunately I remembered that I’d bought a suede cleaning block a while ago, so I thought I’d give it a try. I gave my shoes a once over with the block and then brushed them with a suede brush and they’re as good as new. (I can’t say the same about my dyed red feet!)

It’s a really handy little thing to have on stand-by if you’re the owner of suede shoes, bags or jackets. (..and live in Melbourne and are in the habit of leaving home without an umbrella as I did)  It worked a treat!

*Note I had also treated my suede shoes with a protective spray when I first bought them, so I think that saved them too.

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Taking Care Of Your Wardrobe

18 Feb


Simply buying new clothes and accessories is not enough to look stylish…..if that’s important to you.

It doesn’t end there.

When you start slowly adding new pieces over time, (particularly if you’re at the rebuilding a new wardrobe stage) the next step is to take care of them so that they always look fresh and new and so that they’ll last.

Often a client will say to me, “I don’t buy from so & so anymore because their clothes don’t last”.  They might then go on to tell me after I’ve inquired how they washed the garment, that they threw it in the washing machine with the towels (When the label distinctly said it needed to be hand washed). Very little will survive that.

Clothes, shoes, bags, belts, scarves,…. need to be taken care of.

They need to be washed properly, they need to be de-pilled, they need to be re-soled, polished, re-hemmed, conditioned, brushed, etc, etc.

When you’re about to purchase an item consider whether it’s something you can commit to looking after. If it’s something that needs dry cleaning or hand washing, will you do that? If it’s a pair of shoes that needs spraying or a Topy sole put on before you can wear them, will you do that?

Go that extra step…..maintenance, whether we like it or not, really is important to how our clothes look and how long they last.

For many people the care of clothes and shoes was something they didn’t grow up learning about, but it’s certainly something that is worthwhile educating yourself about now….and I’m always happy to pass on what I know to help you. (My Dad cleaned and polished his shoes every single night so I was fortunate to have, taking care of things, ingrained in to me at a very early age.)

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How To Stop Your Clothes Sticking To You

11 Feb

Are you familiar with anti-static spray? (Sometimes I presume that everyone knows about things like this and then I am reminded by someone that that’s not the case)

Things like this and various laundry products can make a difference to how your clothes look and feel, so they’re worth trying.

If you’re finding some of your clothes are sticking to you when you wear them as a result of a buildup of static electricity- you might particularly notice it if you wear hosiery for work or after you remove a garment from a plastic dry cleaning bag – you just give them a spray (inside out) and it eliminates the problem.

I mostly use it on my black silk blouses and shirts and some of my knits.

TIP:  When I worked at the bank I always kept a bottle in my desk drawer – along with some clear nail polish in case I got a run in my pantihose.

This is the brand of anti-static spray I currently have. You can buy it here

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