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The Budget You Need To Come Shopping With Me

22 Apr

I receive regular emails from prospective clients asking,

“What sort of budget would I need to go shopping with you?”

My answer is always the same.

What you choose to spend on your wardrobe is entirely up to you.  I’ll work within your budget.

I work with people who only like to spend $100 on a new pair of jeans and some who wouldn’t blink an eye at spending $350.

The thing is, everyone’s different. Everyone has different lifestyles and priorities and we might have more or less to spend on clothes at different times in our lives.  (You might recall me talking about the time when I changed careers and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on new clothes)

Despite your budget everyone deserves the right to look and feel great.

One thing I suggest to people who want to stay current and up-to-date with fashion but don’t necessarily have a lot of money to spend, is to not just avoid stores they think are too expensive for them, but to go in, sample what’s on offer and then if anything appeals to them try and find similar pieces at stores that are closer to their budget.  (And often during a “sampling” session people are pleasantly surprised that some of the stores they tend to stay away from are not as expensive as they had imagined – particularly if it’s a store where my clients receive my stylist discount) 

The above picture is an example of this.

The blazer on the left was $69.95, from Zara and the one on the right was $349, from Saba.

I will say that I do encourage people to look for quality. Even if the item is not overly expensive still pay attention to what the fabric is and how the garment is made.  (It’s not a bargain if it falls apart or looks shabby after two washes and you need to throw it out)  I also believe there are some things that are worth spending more on and may require saving for.

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The Denim Jacket

23 Oct

 image via here


I get asked often whether denim jackets are still in fashion. A client might have one in their wardrobe, that’s been hanging unworn for years, because they’re unsure whether or not to let go of it or hold on to it.

My answer is always yes denim jackets are still in fashion however, like everything, shapes change and some can become outdated – particularly those that are made of treated denim (perhaps stone washed) or have zips, studs or rhinestones.  So if you have an old Sportsgirl version from 1995, chances are it may well be dated and either needs reinventing (if possible) or retiring.

Because I’m always encouraging people to try and work with what they already own before racing out and buying anything new, I thought I would talk about how you can determine whether your denim jacket is right for you and whether to keep it or not.


  • firstly, whether a denim jacket is your style.  It’s certainly a classic piece, but not for everyone.  Don’t just wear it because it’s there.
  • whether your particular jacket is flattering to your shape.  Is it too short and boxy or too long?  Is it too wide across your back?  Are the sleeves too full making your arms appear bigger than they are?  Is it making your shoulders and/or bust look broader/bigger than they are?
  • whether the denim is dated.   1980’s distressed denim and 2000’s distressed denim are not the same
  • whether it’s worth having it altered by a tailor to make it a more modern, flattering shape for you
  • whether the style is still current or if it’s dated. (ie. if it’s acid washed with bat-wing sleeves and suede fringes, unless your style is Eighties Rocker, I’d say it’s probably time to donate it)

…and in case you’re wondering, yes, denim jackets can be worn by all ages.  But just like anything, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. For instance, unless you want to look like Dolly Parton, avoid wearing your rhinestone embellished denim jacket with your jeans of the same denim. Wear a dark denim jacket to lunch with a stripey tee, navy linen pants and espadrilles or throw one over your shoulders when you’re wearing a cool summer dress, while you’re on holidays.

image via here


*You can see me wearing my denim jacket (a Levi’s Trucker I’ve had for about 18 years) here     *As you can see I’m wearing my denim jacket with denim jeans – but they’re a different color.

Here are a few pictures to give you some ideas for how you can wear your jacket.

image via here

image via here

 image via here
image via hereimage via here

 image via here

image via here

 image via here
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Style At Any Age

14 Oct

I took some time off last Friday to spend the afternoon with my Mum and Dad in the country. It was my Mum’s birthday. I bought her a pair of white boyfriend jeans and after we’d been to lunch we went home and played around with some ways she could wear them.

She didn’t have any white bottoms in her wardrobe so they added something fresh and different and gave her quite a few new outfits. This was one of the combos we put together.

(While she will wear the jeans cuffed they’re a little bit long and need taking up – but you get the gist)

For anyone wondering whether they are too old to wear…

1. A leather jacket
2. White jeans
3. Boyfriend jeans
4. Sneakers

Mum’s 75!

Mum’s wearing..
Jeans – Trenery
Linen t-shirt – Trenery
Scarf – Trenery
Leather jacket – Armani Exchange
Sneakers – Kmart

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How To Cuff Your Jeans

7 Oct

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Updating your look doesn’t always mean having to buy new clothes.

It might be, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, that new clothes are not a priority at the moment.  It could even be that you have plenty of clothes already, but you need some fresh ideas.

Clothes can be altered, dyed, reinvented or simply worn differently.

One thing to try is cuffing your jeans.

Play around and try different ways of cuffing to determine what works best for your leg length, shape and style.

Try rolling them neatly.  (You might even want to press them like these ladies below) 

Or just turning them up to expose your ankles, like I’ve done here

Be prepared to make mistakes.  If you leave the house, catch a glimpse of yourself and think this is not working – just don’t do it that way again. Try something different.

It’s when we never experiment and don’t make changes that we stay stuck. Remember,  if nothing changes, nothing changes

Don’t roll your jeans too high that they become three quarter length…which we all know is a length that is not flattering for most.

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