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If You Want Your Bum To Look Good In Jeans, You Need To Do This

24 Jul

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Recently I went shopping with someone who among other things wanted to find a great pair of jeans.

We were lucky enough to find the pair at the first store we visited BUT it took time to determine the best style and fit.

The first pair I gave my client to try were skinnier than she was used to.  Although she wasn’t sure about them initially when I handed them to her, (in her assumed size) I told her to give them a try and yell out when she had them on.  When I went into the changeroom the first thing she said was that they were too small.  But after I got her to do my jean stretching routine and I had a good look at them, I told her they were too big and that she needed to try the next size down.  She looked at me like I was crazy, but I knew the right size in this particular style would look amazing on her.  We just needed to determine what that right size was.

To cut a long story short, we went down 4 sizes and bingo! we arrived at the perfect fit.  I could tell as soon as I walked into the changeroom to check out the fourth pair, that these jeans were the one.   They made my clients legs and bottom look amazing and most importantly she felt great in them.  Exactly how a great pair of jeans should make you feel.

The moral of this story is that my client thought the first pair were too small… where in actual fact, we had to go down four sizes to reach the size that fit her properly.  If she had tried on a bigger size or bought the pair she thought were a bit small, she would have worn them once and they would have gone baggy in the butt, knee and across the top of her thighs, and she would have felt very average wearing them.  When trying on clothes you need to take your time, try many sizes (not just the size you think is “your size”) and styles and assess the difference in each.  Learn to know when something fits and feels right for you.

The No. 1 thing I see in most wardrobes I help edit, is clothes that don’t fit properly.  As I’ve mentioned previously move around in the changeroom to make sure you see how a piece fits from all angles and if you find that you have things in your wardrobe that don’t fit you well, have them tailored.

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A New Outfit Wearing My Old Clothes

17 Jul

A New Outfit Wearing My Old Clothes


Leonie and I worked together about 3 years ago. We did a Wardrobe Overhaul and an everyday winter shop.

She emailed me last week and said she felt herself falling back into some of her old ways – wearing the same thing over and over, day after day, and wasting money buying things (in the sales) that she had no idea what to do with.  (And as result didn’t wear!)

She was getting bored with her clothes..and worse..herself.

I suggested I come over and we play around with her clothes and see if we could come up with some new outfits – then take some pics so she could have some go to outfits – which should eliminate daily what to wear stress. It could be that some pieces in her wardrobe are getting tired and need refreshing, and/or it could be that she just needs to feel excited about her clothes and getting dressed again.

To (hopefully) inspire her and show her what possibilities could be hiding within her wardrobe I wore a new (never worn) outfit today – using all old pieces.

I’ve had the jeans, the belt and the shoes for about 3 years, the blouse is about 8 years old and I bought the trench in 2006.  The bag – a statement that adds freshness to the old clothes, I bought about 18 months ago. The only new thing I’m wearing is a Uniqlo Heattech camisole under my blouse for warmth.

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The Original Hem

9 Jul

Next time you have a pair of jeans taken up, instead of cutting off the bottom and creating a new hem, ask the tailor to keep the original hem and sew it back on.

The reason to keep the original hem is that you’re maintaining the distressed appearance, which is part of the look of the design of the jeans.

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How Great Jeans Should Look

10 May

The second photo is how a great pair of jeans should look.

In the first image the pockets are all wrong, the fabric isn’t good (ie there’s no support), the jeans are too big, the color of the denim is ho-hum…and they’re not sitting in the right place on the waist.

Basically unflattering!

..and aging!

Which do your jeans look like?  The before image or the after image?

Thank you to my lovely model . To think that bum was hidden under those daggy jeans. Doesn’t she look great!  Ten years younger. 🙂

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