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How I Get Myself Out Of A Style Slump

21 Jun


If you’re feeling yourself falling back into a style rut, if you’re starting to get a bit tired and bored with your clothes and your current look, if you’re getting stuck each morning putting something to wear together and you’re really not sure what to buy to inject some freshness into your wardrobe……perhaps it’s time for a Wardrobe Review.

Although we’re only a few weeks into winter I recently found myself feeling a bit blah about some of my clothes, and felt like I needed to shake things up a bit.

I’m just like everyone else.  I find myself getting a bit lazy, bored, unexcited about my clothes and putting outfits together.  For me it can happen when I’m busy, tired, stressed or have other things on my mind.  I start to reach for the easy option and wear the same thing over and over.  Fortunately, I’m very aware of it when it happens and I know how to pull myself out it.

Firstly, I spend some time going through images on Pinterest to get some fresh new ideas.  (I particularly focus on pictures I’ve collected in “My Style” and “My Style Role Models” boards so I can be reminded of what I love.

Then I sit down and reassess my style.  I’ll make a list of about 5 or 6 words that describe the personal style (and the image) that currently feels right for me based on my lifestyle.  (Doing this keeps me on track with what I need to achieve the look)

Once I’ve done that I’ll go through each and every piece of clothing I have (for that particular season) and work out whether they’re still working for me.  Do I need to freshen them up?  Do I need to see if I can come up with a new way to wear them? Do I need to reinvent (alter) them? Do I need to buy something that will give it new life?  (As I did here)  Or do I simply need to let them go?

Next up, I’ll spend some time playing around with new outfit combinations with the intention of trying to come up with at least 3 – 5 ways to wear each piece.  (If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I try to show you how I use my clothes in lots of different ways and that you don’t necessarily need a lot of clothes, to have lots of outfits)

Doing this not only creates new outfits, but also gives me a good idea of what gaps I have in my wardrobe.  (For example, I may discover that there’s a skirt I wore in summer that would work well in winter with the right knit, tights and boots)

Dressing stylishly is not just about how you look.  It’s also about how you feel.  Winter is long and can be miserable and dreary, so it’s important that we dress in a way that uplifts us and makes us feel good about ourselves.  If some of the pieces you’re wearing now to get through winter, are tired, drab or outdated, that’s how they’ll make you feel.

If you need some help getting unstuck from your winter style slump – perhaps a Wardrobe Review or some Outfit Planning (or both!) shoot me through an email here

*If you’re not sure about which style session is right for you, we can have a chat about it and I can help you decide.

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The Email Started With “HELP”

10 Mar

Wardrobe Overhaul

A little while back I received an email with the word “HELP” written in the subject line.

It went on to explain…

In the past, when C was younger, she really enjoyed clothes.  Putting new outfits together each day and experimenting with her style, had been fun.

Back then she also had quite a clear idea of what her style was – what worked for her and what made her feel good.

But now she was feeling lost.

She had since become a mum and the way she dressed had moved to be more about practicability than anything else.  She was no longer enjoying dressing each day and was starting to miss the pleasure she took from it.

C certainly had plenty of clothes, including a wardrobe full of vintage dresses collected during her travels, but now she wasn’t sure that they were still appropriate for where she was currently in her life.

She decided it was time to do a big wardrobe cleanout but felt that she needed some guidance and support as there was some emotional attachment to her vintage collection and she didn’t really know how to begin.

When I went to C’s home, together we came up with *a style she felt reflected her current self, along with a plan for how she could achieve it and I helped her decide what to keep and what to throw out.

This is a little note C sent me after the experience…


Your wardrobe overhaul and personal shopping is the best money I’ve ever spent on myself (apart from travel, of course 🙂.  I must have discarded around 300 items during the wardrobe session and I can honestly say I don’t miss a single one of them. In fact, I’m extremely happy to be rid of the weight of years of unloved clothing!  You also taught me how to shop; I went shopping properly for the first time ever today – I spent 3 hours and only went into 3 stores… tried on things I never would have and in several different sizes, taking my time, inspecting every angle, and only buying things that were a perfect fit.  It’s so nice not to get home and try to figure out when I can get back to the stores to return unsuitable purchases. It felt great… thank you :-).  The overhaul and shopping were as enjoyable as they were successful… You were so professional but still bubbly and fun and I would recommend your services to anyone.  I can’t thank you enough.

*Once you have a clear image in your head of how you want to look and know what styles do and don’t work for you, (and of course when they fit you properly or not)  you know what you do and don’t want in your wardrobe.

**The photo above, showing the clothes discarded from C’s wardrobe during the overhaul, is quite extreme – but not entirely unusual.  Some people have a lot of clothes they choose to get rid of and others only have a handful. Each Wardrobe Overhaul is different and every person I work with has a different reason for wanting my help to sort through it.  While a Wardrobe Overhaul is certainly about having a good look at your clothes and editing and culling where necessary, it’s not just about getting rid of pieces.  You can read more about it here 

*** Thank you to C for letting me share her photo.

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Are You Accidentally Hiding Your Lovely Features?

26 Jun

ill fitting clothes

images via here

In an attempt to try and disguise something (your tummy, bottom, thighs, arms, etc.) are you hiding one, or more of your best features?

For example, Jessica, a client was returning to work from maternity leave.  She was feeling “frumpy”, a bit out of touch with what was still in fashion and was wanting to buy some new pieces before going back to the office.  She didn’t know where to start.  So she contacted me to help her sort through her existing wardrobe, see if there was anything that still worked and to help her come up with a list of things she could buy going forward.  (She didn’t want to make any more costly shopping mistakes)

When Jessica started trying on clothes from her wardrobe I noticed a pattern.  Most of her tops and some of her dresses (all of the ones she had bought after having her little girl) were shapeless, boxy and sometimes had gathered fabric falling from the bust. (ie Baby-doll style).  

When I quizzed Jessica about the style, she said she’d bought them in an attempt to cover up and hide her tummy.

(I get that.  As a woman in her forties I too like to wear styles to play down or disguise my tummy on days I feel I need to.)  

But for Jessica, what she was doing in the process of wanting to conceal her tummy, was making her waist (one of her loveliest features) completely disappear.

If you’re doing what Jessica was doing – covering up the bits you like in the quest to hide the bits you don’t love so much – then spend some time learning what styles will help you play down or conceal, while also featuring.  They are out there and they will make you look and feel better and help you to embrace your beautiful, unique shape.

*Jessica is not a real person.  She is an example of many many clients I work with who are in a very similar situation and have an almost identical story.

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The Impact Eyebrows Have On Your Face

4 Sep

image via here

I know these photos of Pamela Anderson on the cover of this magazine are completely manipulated, but looking beyond that what you can see is the huge impact eyebrows can make to your face

image via here

I think the pictures speak for themselves and I don’t need to say much more about it other than, I over-plucked my eyebrows when I was younger and now in my forties I’m trying to thicken them up and they won’t completely grow back. One of the reasons I want thicker brows is because as I get older I want to wear less makeup and for me less eye makeup looks better with thicker brows.

If you’re young and reading this, take it from me, hold off touching your brows for as long as you can.  If you feel you need to have them shaped, remove hairs very sparingly or get an expert to guide you.

Here’s a great video from one of my favourite make-up artists Lisa Eldridge,  about how to groom your brows and this is another good video about how to recreate eyebrows if you’ve lost them through illness.

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