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You Don’t Have To Wear Anything Unless You Want To

7 Aug

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You don’t have to wear lots of jewellery

You don’t have to wear dresses

You don’t have to wear color

You don’t have to wear make up

You don’t have to wear jeans

You don’t have to wear designer

You don’t have to wear black

You don’t have to wear patterns

You don’t have to wear the latest tends

You don’t have to wear anything, unless you want to.

One of the reasons I love the style of Emmanuelle Alt (pictured) so much, is because she does what she wants to.  Emmanuelle is the editor-in-chief at Vogue Paris. She’s surrounded by the very latest fashion trends yet she pretty much always wears a variation of the same thing. She knows what looks good on her, but more importantly she knows what makes her feel good.  She dresses for herself. I’ve never seen a photo of her wearing a dress and (she talks here about how she no longer wears dresses or skirts in the video here) and I’ve only seen her wearing color (red, pink, etc) , a couple of times.  She mostly wears (rolled up) skinny black jeans, white jeans or black pants.   She pretty much always wears one of two belts. Generally just a t-shirt (with a great jacket) or a men’s shirt and often the same Cartier watch and Hermes cuff.

 image via here

 image via here

For some people the way Emmanuelle dresses is boring, bland and uninteresting.  But for others, those who have a similiar style, like myself,  it’s super chic. We get it. We get that you shouldn’t feel pressured to dress in a way that doesn’t feel right for  you.  You should feel confident and comfortable in your clothes and that means dressing in a way that pleases you.   Your partner, your friends or your family might not get that you always wear pants or always wear black, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s how you feel that is most important.

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Having said all this, it’s also important that we consider the message, what we’re wearing is saying about us.  Of course there are situations, particularly in our work place, where we have to look a certain way.  (For example, if you were a pilot you wouldn’t arrive at the airport to fly the plane wearing a daggy old track suit.  Imagine the message that would send to the passengers waiting to board the plane)  But at those time’s when you’re wearing something other than what you have to for work, you want to be authentic to who you are.

So..let’s say you’ve decided you don’t want to wear heels. Flats are your thing.  Then it’s your challenge to wear fabulous flats.  Flats that represent your style.  Flats that are flattering.  No just any old daggy flats.  Emmanuelle might only wear black shoes, but they’re always stylish black shoes.  If it’s jeans you love, make sure those jeans are great jeans…..   Get it?

Whatever you choose to do when it comes to your style, do it because you want to, not because you think you “should” and do it well.

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Are You Inspecting Your Outfits From Head To Toe?

21 Jul

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I’m still surprised when a new client tells me they don’t have a full length mirror and they need to race out and buy one before our wardrobe session.  

I’ve met those who have had a mirror they never use in their downstairs bathroom, those who have a mirror that, on my arrival, came out of storage from the garage, and those who only have a mirror that shows the face and shoulders.

For those of you who belong in the above category, just imagine if you had a full length mirror you could see whether..

  •  the shoes work with the pants, dress or skirt
  • your bra and underpants are not the wrong color or too tight for the outfit and causing bulges
  • your top or jacket are too long and cutting off the length of your legs
  • the bottom half of the outfit works with the top half
  • your skirt or pants are a flattering length
  • the hosiery goes with the clothes and shoes
  • your jeans are still flattering…from the back as well as the front

We’ve all thrown something on in the morning, thought – that’ll do – then raced off to work or lunch.  Along the way, we’ve caught a glimpse of ourselves in a shop window and thought, I shouldn’t have worn this – I feel daggy, self conscious and uncomfortable.

A quick inspection head to toe before you leave the house will help prevent this from happening. Think about putting a mirror behind your bedroom door or inside your wardrobe.  You can get them from hardware stores, Kmart and Ikea and I’ve seen them for as little as $20.

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Just Because It’s Your Usual Size And You Can Get It On, Doesn’t Mean It Fits

8 Jul

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Two (generally) size 12 women go into a store together.

One is five foot 2 (considered a petite) – she has a defined waist and her hips, bottom and thighs are wider than her bust and/or shoulders. (Commonly known as triangular in shape).

The other is five foot 9 – her shoulders, bust and hips are about the same size, with no defined waist. (Commonly known as rectangular in shape).

Remember both generally wear a size 12.

There is no way that the size 12 in the store will fit them both beautifully. It might roughly fit, (ie they might be able to get it on) but that’s about it.

In this case, when something fits you sort of ok – it’s then up to you to decide whether you walk away or whether you commit to having it altered.  Near enough, is not good enough. 

*As a petite it can be challenging to find clothes that fit me well.  If I find something I love that doesn’t fit just right, I buy it with the proviso I can return it, then I take it to my tailor to see if he can alter it to fit me. This might mean having it lifted on the shoulders or waist, the seams run in through the middle, the sleeves shortened or just a simple hem taken up.

Learn how to tell when something doesn’t fit you properly. It’s the number one thing I see in the wardrobes that I help overhaul. Lots of women buy clothes that don’t fit them, then just settle for wearing them ill- fitting. Often they can tell something isn’t right – because they know when they put something on that it doesn’t feel great – but they’re not sure why.

Despite your budget, ensuring each item in your wardrobe fits well, (whether it’s a t-shirt, blazer or pair of jeans) will instantly give your look a stylish upgrade.

*If you’d like me to teach you about how clothes should fit contact me here 

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Are You Dressing Too Old?

1 Jul

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There are many reasons why some of us dress older than we need to. It may be the company we keep is older than we are; we might think the number on our drivers license dictates how we should look; we may recall that this was how our mother dressed when she was this age or we just don’t feel youthful and attractive any more.

I know when we get to a mature age it can be tricky because we can worry about dressing too young. (I’m just about to turn 52, so I’m constantly asking myself whether I think something is too young or too old for me to wear.) But I think what often happens, in trying to make sure we don’t dress too young is, we dress too old.

Fortunately there are simple changes you can make to your wardrobe that will immediately make you look and feel more youthful, up to date and attractive.

..and let’s face it, every woman, despite their age, size, lifestyle, shape or budget deserves to feel good about themselves.

You can see in these before and after photos what a difference clothes can make.  (Despite the fact that they are a few years old and some of the pieces are a little bit dated)

In this photo the clothes are ill-fitting, shapeless, unflattering, old fashioned and drab.

fashion makeover

image via here

In the photo below, the same woman is wearing clothes that, without being too tight or uncomfortable,  highlight the figure, fit quite well, show a little bit of skin and are more modern.

She looks younger.  (And slimmer)

style makeover

image via here

Do you feel trapped in the fashion past and stuck in a world of beige, plain, sensible, too big, drab, unflattering, clothes?

Consider the following when assessing whether your wardrobe is too old and whether you need a fashion makeover

  • There is not one fitted, figure enhancing item in your wardrobe
  • You haven’t updated your reading or sunglasses in fifteen years
  • You wear your hair the same way you did in primary school
  • You either don’t own a pair of jeans or the ones you do have are acid washed and the waist is almost up to your armpits (or so low they almost reach your pubic line)
  • The only handbag you use is the one your Nana gave you for your 21st
  • Your last bra fitting was also your first
  • 99% of what you have in your wardrobe is functional and comfortable, rather than stylish and flattering
  • The only pair of heels in your cupboard are the ones packed away in a box with your wedding dress
  • You still have and from time to time wear, outdated outfits you wore to work in the eighties
  • The majority of your wardrobe is two sizes too big or too small

Are you dressing too old?

If you need help going through your wardrobe and deciding whether any of your clothes are too old for you book in or enquire about a Wardrobe Overhaul here 

READ: “How Fifty Year Old’s Dressed In The 1950’s” here

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