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Chic On A Budget – Jeans

3 Dec

My favourite dark denim Levis have been worn to death and have not really resembled “dark denim” for some time now.  I like a dark, smart denim for evening with a blazer and a pair of heels.  So I’ve been on the look out for something new. 

Today I stumbled upon a Ralph Lauren sale and after trying on…maybe…12 pairs of jeans (yes even when you know what style suits  your shape best, you still need to try lots of different styles and sizes til you find the just right pair) and doing the knee lift and the squat, and making sure they fit me how I wanted them to, I very happily chose these

They are Ralph Lauren Avery Low Rise Straight Leg.  They were originally $170, down to $140 with 60% off.  So they ended up costing me $59. 

If you’re in Melbourne, the Ralph Lauren sale is on at DFO Essendon, where they currently have 60% off everything.  (not sure for how long)   If you decide to go and check the jeans out, make sure you read “Ten Tips For Finding The Perfect Pair of Jeans” , first.   And remember it’s only a bargain if you wear it.  If it remains unworn in your wardrobe, it’s just a waste of money.

DFO Essendon, 100 Bulla Road, Strathmore     Site here

My Lovely Weekend

18 Sep

image via Broadsheet


I had the loveliest of weekends. 

I kicked it off on Friday evening with a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria’s Vienna: Art and Design Exhibition.  Part of the Winter Masterpiece’s series.

image via NGV

My favourite piece from the exhibition was this (above) oil painting by Gustav Klimt  of his life companion, couturier and fashion stylist, Emilie Floge.

I always feel inspired by a gallery/exhibition visit.  Exposing myself to a dose of culture and surrounding myself with like-minded people.  Note to self: do it more often.

For those who are not familiar with it’s location, the National Gallery  is situated in a lovely part of Melbourne.  On this particular balmy spring evening, St Kilda Road is sparkling and the city is buzzing. It was so nice and familiar to be amongst the office workers, one again, as they raced off home after a busy week.   I was reminded of why I worked in the CBD for more than 20 years.  I do love and appreciate our city’s beauty and electrifying energy. 

image via Broadsheet

Post exhibition refreshments were had at Cookie.  A great little bar/eatery in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.  (Don’t be put off by the dodgy looking exterior at the building’s entrance) You can eat in the restaurant (Thai) or do as we did and have a nibble at the bar.  On this occasion I was particularly impressed by the bars choice of daggy (my vintage) music.  It can be a challenge to find places that cater (musically) for my mature taste.

Given the weather was so lovely on Sunday, I was keen to get out of the apartment and into the sunshine.  I had brunch at The Social Roasting Company – a cute little cafe in Flemington.  The decor, coffee and food (bruchetta with advocado, tomatoes and goats cheese) were all good, though I thought at $14 (for one piece of bread) it was a tad exxy. 

After brunch I headed off to my sisters place to celebrate my gorgeous nephews second birthday.  Of course, being a stylist, I love to buy my nieces and nephew lovely clothes.  I adore Ralph Lauren polo’s and chinos for little boys. 

It was a gorgeous afternoon, spent with family, sitting in the sun eating and drinking.   ….& it’s all over now til next weekend….

How was your weekend?  Did you do, see, visit or eat anywhere you recommend I check out?

No More Slobby Shlumpadinka

28 Jun

I’ve been preparing today, to work with someone tomorrow, who has recently returned to work after taking a year off with her 3rd child.  Her brief to me said that she felt her style was “a little boring”, she needed a “spruce up” and wanted to be “more interesting and fashionable“.  

My day has been a combination of working at the computer, coffee meeting with a prospective client and running around doing bits and pieces, so I’ve been alternating between my flats and heels. 

I’m wearing Levis jeans, Ralph Lauren shirt, Country Road belt, Calvin Klein blazer, Steve Madden loafers and Robert Robert suede heels.  My watch is Armani.  I’m doing my classic preppy look today. Because this look can be a bit androgynous I always make sure I wear lipstick and either pearl or sparkly studs in my ears and usually heals when I’m not running around, to add an element of femininity.  If I were wearing this look in the evening I might add a hint of lace with a cami or bra.

So that’s five days of dressing stylishly while I’m working at home.  It’s been a good challenge for me.  Did you give it a go yourself?  I felt much better about myself when I did my hair, put some makeup on and dressed up a bit – as opposed to working in my daggy tracky dacks (yes I do have them) or what I slept in. There’ll be no more getting caught in my dressing gown again……promise….

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