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How To Wear Knee High Boots With Jeans

19 Jun

We know that knee high boots are a big trend at the moment – particularly with skirts and dresses (see here) – but what about with jeans?

Well.. some would suggest the look is passe, but I’m ok with it, in fact I like it and that’s probably because I’m a fan of 70’s and 70’s influenced, fashion. .

The thing to watch though, is that your jeans and boots (heels or flats) look modern – otherwise the look can be a bit daggy and dated. (Think very low rise jeans with mid calf, square toe boots) .

In this pic (above) my boots are actually over a decade old, but they are still a modern (slouchy) style – so I think I can get away with them.

(Note also that I’m wearing my boots with skinny-ish jeans so that they’re clean through the knee (ie not all baggy and bunching) .

If you’re unsure whether your boots are modern or outdated, consider booking in for a Wardrobe Overhaul and I’ll help you. You can find the details here

Here’s a few more photos for inspiration..

Details of what I’m wearing in the pic. above, can be found here

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The Final Question I Ask Myself Before I Buy Anything New

21 Nov

 image via here

When I’m thinking about buying something new there’s a series of four questions I go through in my head to determine whether it comes home with me or whether it stays in the store.

This means that I don’t waste my money on random purchases and that my wardrobe is filled with only pieces that work.

If the item has passed my first three questions then the final question – the deal breaker –  is asked..

Can I wear this piece in at least three different ways, using what I already have in my wardrobe?

If I can’t visualise at least three ways of wearing it, whether it’s a t-shirt, shoes, a belt or pants, I don’t buy it.

  image via here

 image via here

image via here

As you can see in the photos above, Italian fashion designer, Giorgia Tordini is wearing her suede ankle boots in four different ways.   With pants, with a skirt, with a dress and with jeans.

If I were Giorgia I would consider the boots to be a very good, versatile, hardworking purchase.

How many times do you fall in love with something in a store, bring it home without considering how you’ll wear it, and find that it remains hanging in your wardrobe, unworn?

Take your time when you shop and make considered purchases.

Avoid wasting your money and get the most out of your clothes.

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The Shoe That Will Freshen Up And Modernise Your Existing Wardrobe

1 Nov

image via here

Once you’ve found yourself a cool pair of sneakers try wearing them with unexpected pieces from your wardrobe.

The skirt you wore to your child’s christening, the slim black pants you wear to work or the trench coat you save for weddings or meetings.

Sneakers can add a freshness to your wardrobe by casualing (I may have made that word up) down some of your more formal pieces – so that you’re wearing them rather than just looking at them hanging in your wardrobe.

REMEMBER to keep your sneakers looking like they’re fresh out of the box – rather than like you’ve been out working on the farm in them.

TIP: Note the length of this skirt with the sneakers. Be careful you’re not wearing your skirt, with your sneakers, at a dowdy unflattering length.

See how some of the women who inspired me while I was recently in Paris, wore their sneakers here 

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Weekend Wardrobe Challenge

31 Mar

image via here

Even if you were wearing a beautiful dress from Chanel, there’s no way you could look stylish wearing a shoe like the one pictured above.  (Which I must say, is not mine)

I’m a big believer that the shoes are the most important element (apart from the underwear) of the outfit.

So…in preparation for the colder months of autumn and then winter, this is your Weekend Wardrobe Challenge.

Take out all of your autumn/winter shoes and (ruthlessly) go through each of them one by one, to decide..

  1. If there are any shoes that need repairing or a good clean (This includes sneakers)
  2. If any of them are outdated and need to be retired
  3. If any of them are no longer required for your lifestyle
  4. If any of them no longer work for your personal style and represent the image you want to portray
  5. If any of them are too small, too big, too uncomfortable – and send them on their way
  6. If any of them are unflattering.  For example here

This week I took these shoes (which if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I wear a lot when I’m taking clients shopping, because they’re the most comfy shoe I own) to my local cobbler and (for $18) had new heels put on.  I then gave them a polish with Mr Sheen to shine them up.  I know that I’ll be wearing them through the next couple of months and well into winter so I need them in good shape and ready to go.

Next up…

Make a list of the various areas of your life (For example, work (weekdays), work (casual Fridays), weekend (casual during the day), weekend (going out), etc, etc)  Determine whether your shoes cover the areas you need them to.  Make a list of any gaps you need to fill.

Take a good look at what you have and consider what could be added to your shoe wardrobe to create more outfits with your existing clothes.   (ie a pair of knee high tan boots to wear with some of your dresses or a pair of white sneakers so you can wear some of the dressier pieces in your wardrobe, more casually)

If you are having trouble deciding what’s still current, what’s not, what should stay, what should go, what needs adding or ditching, and would like some help, you can book in for a Wardrobe Overhaul here (or read about it here)

Something to leave you with..

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