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My Favourite Way To Dress

28 Oct

My favourite way to dress is to combine pieces that are high/low, from near and far and old and new. .

For me it feels more creative than wearing head-to-toe current season (which I do do occasionally – but it doesn’t seem as interesting).

For this reason I think about building a wardrobe, rather than just having clothes in my wardrobe for a season. .

Here I’m wearing a vintage embroidered blouse, which I found in a local opshop (about 8 yrs ago) for $5. With it I’m wearing, my favourite Levi’s, (bought in Melbourne), a pair of Scanlan Theodore shoes, a Maje necklace I bought in Paris and a Clare Vivier bag my sisters gave me for my birthday (which they had shipped from either New York).

While this top only cost me $5, I liked it so much I thought it was worth spending the money to have it altered. When I bought it the sleeves were too long. I wanted them to sit above my wrist bone – so I took it to my tailor and he removed the embroidered strip, shortened them, and then replaced the embroidery. Much better!

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The Original Hem

9 Jul

Next time you have a pair of jeans taken up, instead of cutting off the bottom and creating a new hem, ask the tailor to keep the original hem and sew it back on.

The reason to keep the original hem is that you’re maintaining the distressed appearance, which is part of the look of the design of the jeans.

image via here

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Where I Learnt About Tailoring

1 Dec

Much of what I know about tailoring and how clothes should fit, I learnt from Jose.

He’s been doing alterations to my clothes for about 15 years – while I’ve been observing and absorbing everything he does and asking him hundreds of (possibly annoying) questions, quizzing him on why he’s doing what he’s doing, what can be done, what can’t be done, where should a shoulder sit, a sleeve finish, etc, etc)

If you need anything made or altered go and see Jose Zarpan and tell him I sent you. He’s on Level 3 in the Nicholas Building, Swanson St, Melbourne.    (You can read what some of my clients who I have introduced Jose to, said about working with him on my Facebook page here)

*This is not a sponsored post, and I don’t receive any “kickbacks”/commission from Jose, I just think he’s very good and am very happy to highly recommend him.

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It Might Be Beautiful But Does It Fit?

18 Jul

image via here

It doesn’t matter if something is fancy designer and cost you a lot of money, if it fits badly, it looks bad.

Remember when Gwyneth wore this gorgeous pink dress to the Oscars?  I bet she felt uncomfortable and self conscious at a time she needed to feel beautiful and confident.

It’s not that it wasn’t a nice dress, it just didn’t fit. Supposedly she removed the piece that was designed to wear under the bodice (Breast pads or a structured bustier – I’ve read several stories), which meant the top didn’t sit properly.  It didn’t matter that the dress was Ralph Lauren and worth a squillion dollars, it didn’t look great, because it didn’t fit.

image via here

The No.1 thing I see when I do Wardrobe Overhaul’s, is clothes that don’t fit properly.

Often they’ve been bought, despite being too big or too small – “near enough will have to do” – because they’re a designer piece and because the person buying it thought it was a great bargain.

What seems like an amazing find at the time, ends up being a big waste of money.

Most of us are not educated on how clothes should fit our bodies.  Growing up, if we could get it on and do it up, meant it fit. That’s fine if that’s enough for you, but if you want to look better than “that’ll do”, then spend some time really looking at the way your clothes drape over your body.  Is anything pulling? Is anything puckering? Is anything making you look bigger than you are? Is anything adding bulk to your frame?

If you’d like to learn how to know when something fits or doesn’t fit you well, book in for a Wardrobe Overhaul or Personal Shopping here 

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