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Treasured Possessions

2 Jun

Recently my beautiful 87 year old Nan moved into a nursing home.  Until this time she’d been very independent, insisting she live on her own after my pop died more than 15 years ago.  Sadly, the day came that she could no longer take care of herself and so she needed to move into an aged care facility where she would be cared for around the clock.

When she moved into her new home, Nan wasn’t able to take everything she owned with her,  so she gave her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren a few of her favourite things.  I was given this gorgeous little Oroton bag which I will treasure forever.  My Nan didn’t have a lot of material possessions, but loved her little bags that she collected over the years and I know it meant a lot to her that she could give each of her granddaughters one to keep.

…and what a lovely surprise I got when I opened the bag and discovered one of Nan’s hankies was inside.

I’m determined it won’t remain in the box in the cupboard.  I will use it at every opportunity and I’ll carry it proudly and each time I do I’ll think of my Nan and how thrilled she’d be that I was using it.

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