The Personal Style of Costanza Pascolato

5 Jan

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I aspire to be half as stylish and elegant as Italian born, Vogue contributor, Costanza Pascolato, when I’m 80.

There’s a lot we can take for inspiration, from observing how Costanza dresses and styles herself.

She keeps her canvas very simple – generally in slim black pants and top, but then decorates them with a great jacket, lovely shoes, statement jewellery (Did you notice her skull ring?) and over-sized sunglasses.   And then of course, there’s her signature coiffed hair.  (I’ve also noticed she always wears the same shade of lipstick.)

About aging, on Garance Dore’s site, Costanza was quoted as saying..

“I am a lucky person. All women in my family were strong and positive. They taught me to accept aging. But of course, they were intelligent, elegant, and my mother was very beautiful. The new generation follows their examples: my daughter Consuelo is 50 and looks great. And Alessandra is 48 and looks much younger than her age. We all have a sense that life is a privilege. So we treat our bodies (and souls) gracefully. I do a lot of exercise, eat well etc., but I do not try to look much younger than I am. I only want to look the best for my age, and that, happily, makes me stay away from anxiety.”

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