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Is Your Home Decorated To Reflect Your Personal Style?

13 Jun

Designer Erin Fetherston’s apartment is a wonderful example of how personal style is reflected in both decor and dress.  If you look inside her enviable closet you’ll notice that the texture and colors of her clothes resemble the furnishings in her home.  Her clothes, in soft muted blush tones, are a mix of vintage and modern, as are her furniture and fittings.  Notice how the gold shoes she is wearing are very similar in appearance to the light fitting in her dressing room and the tables and hanging birdcage in her lounge space.  The rug in her living area has a hint of sparkle and her wardrobe is full of clothes that are sequined and embellished.   Even the bed-spread and bed-skirt are very much like the fabric of some of her brocade jackets.

When I go to a client’s home for the first time, as soon as I walk in and see how the place is decorated, I usually get a good idea of what their clothes will be like.  If the two are very different (i.e. if the wardrobe is very classic and the home is very floral) there’s a chance that they haven’t really worked out and defined their personal style.  They may be feeling a little confused and unsure about what their style is and they need to spend some time having a good think about what feels most authentic and comfortable for them.

Is your personal style reflected in both your home and in the way you dress?

TIP: Start pinning both decor and clothes styles you like to Pinterest boards.  See if they mirror each other.  It’ll help you work out   the style that feels right to you.

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