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25 Jun

I’ve mentioned before that I have a thing for patterned pants (while I generally don’t feel comfortable wearing a print on top)

When I wear patterns one thing I’m conscious of, is choosing a print that’s in scale with my petite size. I tend to favour small gingham, check, stripes and of course, animal prints.

Large florals or big bold geometric prints could be too overwhelming for my little frame. It’s not to say I wouldn’t try a large print, but more than likely I’d end up reverting to something smaller. .

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How To Wear Knee High Boots With Jeans

19 Jun

We know that knee high boots are a big trend at the moment – particularly with skirts and dresses (see here) – but what about with jeans?

Well.. some would suggest the look is passe, but I’m ok with it, in fact I like it and that’s probably because I’m a fan of 70’s and 70’s influenced, fashion. .

The thing to watch though, is that your jeans and boots (heels or flats) look modern – otherwise the look can be a bit daggy and dated. (Think very low rise jeans with mid calf, square toe boots) .

In this pic (above) my boots are actually over a decade old, but they are still a modern (slouchy) style – so I think I can get away with them.

(Note also that I’m wearing my boots with skinny-ish jeans so that they’re clean through the knee (ie not all baggy and bunching) .

If you’re unsure whether your boots are modern or outdated, consider booking in for a Wardrobe Overhaul and I’ll help you. You can find the details here

Here’s a few more photos for inspiration..

Details of what I’m wearing in the pic. above, can be found here

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A New Outfit Wearing My Old Clothes

17 Jul

A New Outfit Wearing My Old Clothes


Leonie and I worked together about 3 years ago. We did a Wardrobe Overhaul and an everyday winter shop.

She emailed me last week and said she felt herself falling back into some of her old ways – wearing the same thing over and over, day after day, and wasting money buying things (in the sales) that she had no idea what to do with.  (And as result didn’t wear!)

She was getting bored with her clothes..and worse..herself.

I suggested I come over and we play around with her clothes and see if we could come up with some new outfits – then take some pics so she could have some go to outfits – which should eliminate daily what to wear stress. It could be that some pieces in her wardrobe are getting tired and need refreshing, and/or it could be that she just needs to feel excited about her clothes and getting dressed again.

To (hopefully) inspire her and show her what possibilities could be hiding within her wardrobe I wore a new (never worn) outfit today – using all old pieces.

I’ve had the jeans, the belt and the shoes for about 3 years, the blouse is about 8 years old and I bought the trench in 2006.  The bag – a statement that adds freshness to the old clothes, I bought about 18 months ago. The only new thing I’m wearing is a Uniqlo Heattech camisole under my blouse for warmth.

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The Velvet Blazer

3 Aug

The newest addition to my wardrobe is this navy velvet blazer.

You can spend a squillion dollars on a fancy designer blazer but if it doesn’t fit properly (ie the shoulders, the armholes, the length, the sleeve width, the sleeve length, the back seam and the lapels) it’ll never look great.  (*If you’d like to learn how to know when a blazer fits you perfectly book in for a styling session with me here)

If it’s not quite right, leave it behind in the store or commit to having it altered.

TIP – The shoulders should always fit perfectly because it’s too hard to have them fixed..

This one was on sale for $39 and it fits just right. (I also bought it in black)


Blazer – Uniqlo (From the Ines de la Fressange range)
Tee – Gap
Pants – Zara

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