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7 Feb

When I’m not at a client’s home going through their wardrobe or taking them shopping, one of the things I might be doing – is research.

This could mean online searching, ringing around, calling into stores and chatting to the staff about what’s new and what’s coming in soon… and lots of trying on.

(I try on to see how things fit size wise but also to see how they look on the body – perhaps how the fabric drapes and moves- as well as how they feel.) *Comfort is a very high priority for the majority of my clients – and me!  I’ll also be looking to see how well – or not – the garment is made (despite the cost) and I’ll be sampling new season styles.

Research and preparation is done so that I can put together a suggested itinerary of stores to visit and a list of pieces to try – but also to ensure that our time together is well spent and not wasted.

Here’s me trying on pieces in Zara 🙂

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Don’t Let Your Dull Jewellery Tarnish Your Look

27 Jun

I did something recently to update my look and it cost me nothing.

I took my Tiffany bracelets into the Collins Street (Melbourne) store and they cleaned and polished them.

For free.

I hadn’t worn either bracelet for a couple of years because they’d tarnished so much that they were almost black.  (It turns out I hadn’t been storing them properly)  Now they’re like new.

If you wear the same jewellery everyday and you haven’t cleaned it in a while, chances are it’s lost some of it’s sparkle.  Over time, your rings, necklaces and earrings accumulate gunk (from soap, hand-cream, body lotion, etc) and simply get dirty, causing your once sparkling pieces to look dull.

Consider taking your jewellery to a professional you trust and having it cleaned.  It’ll feel like you have something new and it’ll instantly refresh and update your look.

I’m not sure if all Tiffany stores are offering the free clean and polish service or if it’s just the Collins St store. Perhaps if you’re planning on taking advantage of the offer, call ahead to make sure they’re doing it.


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200 Years Of Australian Fashion

22 Mar

200 Years Of Australian Fashion

Even I get a bit bored and unenthused with my current wardrobe of clothes and how I’m dressing, every now and then.

It usually happens at the very end of a season, where I’ve been wearing the same thing (eg. knits, dark coats and jackets) a lot and find myself falling into a rut.

When I feel myself going there, I know I need to make some changes. It might be playing around with different looks and coming up with new outfits from the pieces in my wardrobe, introducing a few new things (more than likely shoes) or I do something that gets the creative juices flowing and inspires me.

That could be catching up with a stylish friend and talking about fashion, watching a film, (like this) flicking through a mountain of Vogues, browsing through Pinterest or Instagram (This is one of my favourite accounts), or going to an exhibition like the one I went to last weekend.  200 Years of Australian Fashion.

The exhibition showcases the works of more than 90 designers over two centuries of fashion design in Australia.

From the seventies onwards it was like a stroll down memory lane – particularly with the  music playing throughout.  (Which I thought made the exhibition)

As I wandered through it I was reminded what I was doing, wearing and listening to through the various years.

For example, there was one section I walked into, where I immediately was transported to a time when I had just finished school and had started work. The clothes were versions of what I was wearing and the tunes were exactly what I was listening to at the time.

Aside from the flashbacks to my past, I came away feeling inspired and uplifted. The exhibition, particularly through the 70’s and 80’s, was a good reminder of how fun, joyful and expressive fashion and style can be. I concluded that, it might be time to start taking a few more fashion risks…

Without spoiling it for you, this is a little glimpse into the exhibition.

200 Years of Australian Fashion

How on earth did women sit down when they wore a bustle?

200 Years of Australian Fashion

200 years of Australian Fashion

200 Years of Australian Fashion

200 Years of Australian Fashion

From Merivale & Mr John. Any Melbournians remember the Collins St. store?

200 years of Australian fashion

200 years of Australian Fashion

200 years of Australian Fashion

200 years of Australian fashion

200 Years of Australian Fashion

This was one of my favourites.  It’s hard to see, but it’s a fabulous knit – with leather sleeves. You need to see it close up to appreciate the work involved.200 Years of Australian Fashion

If you’re at a loose end over Easter, go along. Take a girlfriend and reminiscence about what you wore, what you were listening to, (perhaps who you were dating) and what you were doing, back when…

200 Years of Australian Fashion Ian Potter Centre: NGV, Federation Square.

Read more about it here.

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Fashions On The Field

7 Nov

fashions on the field

image via here

What a great story…

Emily’s Mum made the beautiful navy blue dress she wore on Oaks Day in the Fashion’s on Field competition, inspired by a dress she saw on Pinterest.

It just goes to show, you don’t need to wear fancy designer clothes to look stylish. You just need to know what suits you and what fits you properly.

*The other part of the story is that, as part of her prize, Emily was given a fancy new car (Lexus) to drive for 12 months and just last weekend the old car she’d had since she was 18, died.

You can read all about Emily and her lovely dress here

(Emily went on to take out the overhaul competition on Thursday)

*Note Emily’s bag and shoes don’t match.   READ: Matchmaking here 

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