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What I Love About Melbourne..

13 Apr

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It was such a glorious day on Saturday I decided instead of racing home after my last shopping client, that I would go for a wander and have a bite to eat.

I called by the new H & M store to check the queues…and yep, they were still there so I gave that a miss.

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I’m not sure what was going on inside the Myer windows, but it looked interesting.

After a stroll through the arcades I headed down to a favourite laneway, past a vintage store I always drop by when I’m in the area – Shag.  They have the most fabulous costume jewellery.  I’ve got my eye on that rhinestone rooster brooch. (to the left)

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Next up was a stop for lunch at a great little French creperie – Aix Cafe Creperie Salon.   The food is fantastic (I had a chilli con carne crepe)  and they always play my kind of music.  Yesterday I relaxed and sipped on my latte to Edith Piaf.

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On my way to the station I was entertained by this gentleman who was having a grand old time doing some dramatic/interpretive dancing.

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Then I headed off to the station, via Degraves Street…and home. 

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What some of you might not know is that there are boutiques underneath Flinders St Station.

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Melbourne is all about amazing places to eat (and of course shop), laneways and hidden secrets.  If you visit, make sure you don’t miss them.

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One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure

18 Feb

0241 747x1024 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

If you’ve read my profile you would know that I have a thing for old things.  Old cutlery, crockery, music, art, buildings, clothes, jewellery, furniture…the lot.

I could fossick around a flea market, junk shop or vintage store, wondering about the life of a piece and searching for a unique treasure, for hours.  I love opening a book to find a written message and I love imagining why a beautiful 1950’s cocktail frock might have been made and who might have worn it.  I love the nostalgia a wander among old things might bring.  I can picture my Dad playing on a home made billy-cart when he was a little boy and my Mum going ballroom dancing in the 60’s, in a pair of satin pointy shoes.

A place I like to check out every now and then is The Junk Company, where I took all these snaps during a poke around  last weekend.  (Apologies for the dodgy quality) 

025 1024x739 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

021 1024x815 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

017 755x1024 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

026 803x1024 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

014 543x1024 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

020 989x1024 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

009 1024x978 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

011 922x1024 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

027 1024x862 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

0231 1024x820 One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure

Apart from what I’ve shown you in the photos, they have everything from old postcards, to vinyl records, Art Deco lights and vintage toys.

What I tend to look for though is vintage sunglasses, brooches, crystal, evening bags, cups and saucers, sequined and beaded anything, art work and old cupboards.

I’d love to hear if you know of any great vintage/junk shops in Melbourne…Victoria even, that you could recommend.  I’ve pretty much exhausted all the ones I know of and need to find some new places to check out.

The Junk Company is at 583 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


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Hollywood Costume

23 Jul

003 818x1024 Hollywood Costume

As part of my quest to embrace winter in Melbourne this year,  I recently went along to Hollywood Costume at ACMI.

While I love a good film (particularly something of the quirky French variety, an old MGM musical or a happily-ever-after movie) I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the Hollywood blockbuster.  So when a girlfriend asked me to go along to the exhibition with her, I was a little skeptical as to whether I’d appreciate it.  It turned out I had no reason to be.  It didn’t matter that I hadn’t seen a lot of the movies and so wasn’t familiar with several of the characters and costumes, I still really enjoyed it.

ACMI did a great job of showcasing the costumes.  The way the exhibition was lit, the sound, the design of the room and the interviews by movie directors, actors and costume designers talking about the role costume has in creating a character, all contributed to the experience.

The thing that struck me the most about the costumes on display was some of the sizes – particularly the costumes for The Gladiator, worn by Russell Crow, Moulin Rouge, worn by Nicole Kidman and Some Like it Hot, worn by Marilyn Monroe.  All of them were very different to what I imagined them to be.

Even if you are not a big film fan, you will enjoy this exhibition if you love fashion, style, design, sewing, garment construction, lush fabrics or even just getting out and enjoying what Melbourne has to offer.

These are a few of my favourite costumes that were on display.

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 image via here

Gone with the Wind, 1939

1. Elizabeth The Golden Age 550x823 Hollywood Costume

image via here

Elizabeth: The Golden Age, 2007

Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys Givenchy Dress 126 Hollywood Costume

image via here

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

Keira Knightely Green Dress 680x1024 Hollywood Costume

image via here

Atonement, 2007

The Hollywood Costume exhibition, featuring the greatest movie characters from the past 100 years,  is at ACMI, Federation Square.   If you plan on seeing it, get along quickly, the exhibition closes on Sunday August 18.  Find all the details here.

Have you been?  If so, what did you think?  Which was your favourite?


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Embracing Winter

2 Jun

023 1024x556 Embracing Winter

Despite the dreary weather in Melbourne today, I resisted the urge to sit in front of my heater all day and headed off to The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Trentham for lunch.

Adding to it’s charm,  the town, an hour and a bit drive out of Melbourne, was it’s usual frosty self this time of year, but inside the hotel was warm and inviting, thanks to a couple of roaring open fires and friendly attentive staff.  A lovely place to spend a lazy day.  (Next time I’ll try and remember to take a photo of what I ate.  On this occasion it was the chicken and veggie pie with fat chips made with their famous “spuds”.

I have a sentimental connection to Trentham.  It’s a special little place for me because it’s where my grandparents (and their parents) lived for most of their lives and where my dad grew up.   There are quite a few other good spots to eat in town, including Annie Smithers,  Du Fermier and RedBeard Bakery but  The Cosmopolitan, built circa 1866,  really is the heart and the life of the town.   You can read more about the history of the hotel (including how much of it was ravaged by fire in 2005) here.

I tend to hibernate in winter.  Once I’m home and finished working, it’s shoes off, tracky pants on and I’m generally firmly entrenched in the warmth of my apartment with a book or movie  (or online shopping site) til I need to go back out.  But rather than grizzle and moan about winter too much this year, I’m determined to rug up and embrace what Melbourne and her surrounds has to offer and enjoy the season. I really think it’s good for the soul to do something different to your usual routine occasionally, to see and experience new things, take time out and of course to spend quality time with those dear to us.  I don’t know about you, but I know I can easily get caught up in daily life and not take enough time out to really have some fun and enjoy all the things I could be – particularly in winter.   I’m going to do my best not to this year.

Stay tuned for my next out and about and embracing winter in Melbourne update.

019 1024x765 Embracing Winter

022 1024x672 Embracing Winter


So guys, anywhere you’ve been, anything you’ve seen, anywhere you’ve eaten at, watched or visited recently in or around Melbourne that you’d recommend I try?

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