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The Sales Can Be Fabulous And They Can Be Disastrous

28 May

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We’re currently in what can be, not quite disastrous, but certainly a dangerous period.   Sales time.

This is the time when costly shopping mistakes are frequently made.

It’s when we can be easily lured into buying something we don’t really love, that isn’t at all flattering and doesn’t one bit represent the style and image we want to portray.

Here’s a scenario to think about…

You’ve been looking for something to wear to a friends wedding and not having much luck. You head out to the shops, thinking I have to get something today. I’m getting desperate.

You walk into a designer shop where they’re having a big sale. You’re thinking, this looks promising. But discover the only thing in your size is this pale pink satin ruched dress (pictured above).  It’s original price was $2072 and it’s on sale for $300.  And it’s Nina Ricci.  OMG you think.  I could never afford a designer dress like this normally.  This is such a huge bargain. You try it on and it fits even though the neckline is too high for you, the length too short, you don’t really like the color (and it’s too pale for you) and you have no idea what underwear you’ll be able to wear to smooth out the lumps and bumps, which the shiny fabric seems to be highlighting.  But it’s designer, it fits, it’s such a bargain and you’re desperate to buy something.  The wedding is only 3 weeks away.

You’re still debating whether or not you should take it or not when the sales person comes over and tells you you look incredible in it and that it’s beautifully made and only a handful of them were created – therefore nobody else will be wearing the same as you on the night.  She gives you some ideas for how to accessorise it and how you could wear your hair and by now you’re starting to think it must look good if she says so.  She works in fashion so she probably knows better than you.  She could be right – the light’s not great in the change room, you don’t have any makeup on and you’re wearing bad undies.

What do you do?   Do you buy it or leave it?

*If you do buy it…do you feel incredible when you wear it or do you feel uncomfortable, unauthentic and wish you’d bought something that was flattering to your shape and reflected your style?

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The Budget You Need To Come Shopping With Me

22 Apr

I receive regular emails from prospective clients asking,

“What sort of budget would I need to go shopping with you?”

My answer is always the same.

What you choose to spend on your wardrobe is entirely up to you.  I’ll work within your budget.

I work with people who only like to spend $100 on a new pair of jeans and some who wouldn’t blink an eye at spending $350.

The thing is, everyone’s different. Everyone has different lifestyles and priorities and we might have more or less to spend on clothes at different times in our lives.  (You might recall me talking about the time when I changed careers and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on new clothes)

Despite your budget everyone deserves the right to look and feel great.

One thing I suggest to people who want to stay current and up-to-date with fashion but don’t necessarily have a lot of money to spend, is to not just avoid stores they think are too expensive for them, but to go in, sample what’s on offer and then if anything appeals to them try and find similar pieces at stores that are closer to their budget.  (And often during a “sampling” session people are pleasantly surprised that some of the stores they tend to stay away from are not as expensive as they had imagined – particularly if it’s a store where my clients receive my stylist discount) 

The above picture is an example of this.

The blazer on the left was $69.95, from Zara and the one on the right was $349, from Saba.

I will say that I do encourage people to look for quality. Even if the item is not overly expensive still pay attention to what the fabric is and how the garment is made.  (It’s not a bargain if it falls apart or looks shabby after two washes and you need to throw it out)  I also believe there are some things that are worth spending more on and may require saving for.

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For Your Style To Evolve, Be Open To Trying New Things

11 Dec


My client was looking for black pants she could wear during summer for work presentations, out for a nice dinner or casually. She works in the health/fitness industry and so didn’t want anything that looked too corporate/office professional.

We sampled about 4 pairs of slim fitting pants but none of them worked for her shape. (She’s similar to an inverted triangle – very small through the hips with very slim legs)  Most were a little too snug on the tummy but then not fitting (too loose) how I wanted them to on her legs and bottom.

Then I thought of these. When I took them into the changeroom I could see by the look on my clients face that she wasn’t sure.  (But well done to her – she was open to the idea and gave them a go) The idea of a culotte was a bit too out there. Like most people, they reminded her of something that was around in the 80’s. I didn’t know what to expect when she came out of the fitting room – but when we teamed them with a top, a belt and the right shoes – she loved them.

They looked and felt elegant, highlighted her lovely ankles, created an hourglass shape (accentuated the waist), made her bum look great, worked for her style and lifestyle, could be worn in lots of different ways…and were within her budget.  (Less than the price on the website with my stylist discount)

Push yourself to experiment with something different.  (Particularly if your wardrobe is feeling same old, same old) If you keep trying and buying things that are similar to everything else you own, your style and your look won’t evolve – it’ll stay the same and risks becoming stuck, stale and outdated.

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It’s Not Just About Fashion

9 Dec

Last week, out of the blue, I received this beautiful email (that made me cry).  This is the reason I do what I do.  It’s not just about fashion and shopping.

Hi Meaghan,

I just wanted to send you a very long overdue email.

I had a personal shopping experience with you about 2 years ago.

You opened up my eyes and you were actually the catalyst for a lot of change in my life. After the shopping experience, I realised that I could make small changes to make me look and feel so much better. You gave me the confidence to value myself and take pride in my appearance.

After the shopping trip, I decided to make some changes. I actually lost 45kg and have managed to keep that weight off for 1 year now. I have attached a before and after pic.

I now enjoy deciding what to wear each day and experimenting with different styles. I’m also wearing make up to work for the first time ever!  I feel confident in what I wear, and I have become more social as a result of the confidence.

My family are all amazed at the changes I have gone through these past 2 years (I also ended up buying a dream lifestyle property partly due to me taking more care of myself) and my family believe that it is ever since our personal shopping trip that I have made the changes.

So, I just wanted to say thank you. For me – it has literally been a life changing experience.

What prompted me to write this email today is that I’m thinking of asking my husband to buy me another session with you for Christmas. Lol.

So anyway, a big thank you to you, and hopefully I get my Christmas wish and get to have another session with you soon.

Best wishes


Isn’t she amazing!

I might have helped kick start Sarah’s incredible transformation, but she’s given me (and I’m sure many others) so much inspiration and such a rewarding gift by sharing her photos and with her lovely words.

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