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Are You Dressing Too Old?

1 Jul

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There are many reasons why some of us dress older than we need to. It may be the company we keep is older than we are; we might think the number on our drivers license dictates how we should look; we may recall that this was how our mother dressed when she was this age or we just don’t feel youthful and attractive any more.

I know when we get to a mature age it can be tricky because we can worry about dressing too young. (I’m just about to turn 52, so I’m constantly asking myself whether I think something is too young or too old for me to wear.) But I think what often happens, in trying to make sure we don’t dress too young is, we dress too old.

Fortunately there are simple changes you can make to your wardrobe that will immediately make you look and feel more youthful, up to date and attractive.

..and let’s face it, every woman, despite their age, size, lifestyle, shape or budget deserves to feel good about themselves.

You can see in these before and after photos what a difference clothes can make.  (Despite the fact that they are a few years old and some of the pieces are a little bit dated)

In this photo the clothes are ill-fitting, shapeless, unflattering, old fashioned and drab.

fashion makeover

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In the photo below, the same woman is wearing clothes that, without being too tight or uncomfortable,  highlight the figure, fit quite well, show a little bit of skin and are more modern.

She looks younger.  (And slimmer)

style makeover

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Do you feel trapped in the fashion past and stuck in a world of beige, plain, sensible, too big, drab, unflattering, clothes?

Consider the following when assessing whether your wardrobe is too old and whether you need a fashion makeover

  • There is not one fitted, figure enhancing item in your wardrobe
  • You haven’t updated your reading or sunglasses in fifteen years
  • You wear your hair the same way you did in primary school
  • You either don’t own a pair of jeans or the ones you do have are acid washed and the waist is almost up to your armpits (or so low they almost reach your pubic line)
  • The only handbag you use is the one your Nana gave you for your 21st
  • Your last bra fitting was also your first
  • 99% of what you have in your wardrobe is functional and comfortable, rather than stylish and flattering
  • The only pair of heels in your cupboard are the ones packed away in a box with your wedding dress
  • You still have and from time to time wear, outdated outfits you wore to work in the eighties
  • The majority of your wardrobe is two sizes too big or too small

Are you dressing too old?

If you need help going through your wardrobe and deciding whether any of your clothes are too old for you book in or enquire about a Wardrobe Overhaul here 

READ: “How Fifty Year Old’s Dressed In The 1950’s” here

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It’s Not Just About Fashion

9 Dec

Last week, out of the blue, I received this beautiful email (that made me cry).  This is the reason I do what I do.  It’s not just about fashion and shopping.

Hi Meaghan,

I just wanted to send you a very long overdue email.

I had a personal shopping experience with you about 2 years ago.

You opened up my eyes and you were actually the catalyst for a lot of change in my life. After the shopping experience, I realised that I could make small changes to make me look and feel so much better. You gave me the confidence to value myself and take pride in my appearance.

After the shopping trip, I decided to make some changes. I actually lost 45kg and have managed to keep that weight off for 1 year now. I have attached a before and after pic.

I now enjoy deciding what to wear each day and experimenting with different styles. I’m also wearing make up to work for the first time ever!  I feel confident in what I wear, and I have become more social as a result of the confidence.

My family are all amazed at the changes I have gone through these past 2 years (I also ended up buying a dream lifestyle property partly due to me taking more care of myself) and my family believe that it is ever since our personal shopping trip that I have made the changes.

So, I just wanted to say thank you. For me – it has literally been a life changing experience.

What prompted me to write this email today is that I’m thinking of asking my husband to buy me another session with you for Christmas. Lol.

So anyway, a big thank you to you, and hopefully I get my Christmas wish and get to have another session with you soon.

Best wishes


Isn’t she amazing!

I might have helped kick start Sarah’s incredible transformation, but she’s given me (and I’m sure many others) so much inspiration and such a rewarding gift by sharing her photos and with her lovely words.

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A Personal Styling Experience Gift

19 Jul

A Personal Styling Experience Gift

Jill’s husband gave her me (figuratively speaking) for her birthday..

“The best birthday gift ever – the full ‘Style, Wardrobe & Shopping & Pull It All Together Experience’ with Meaghan.

Having given up the corporate world after 40 years I was struggling with what to wear in my new life.  But then I got this gift and had the pleasure of Meaghan’s knowledge and help to get it sorted out.

The Style and Wardrobe session with Meaghan was enlightening.   Taking the time to talk over what fashion style resonated with me made the wardrobe review very easy.  The wardrobe looked a lot lighter after the session – 68 items of clothing, 7 pairs of shoes and 2 bags less (and about 12 more items on the chopping block).  It felt good to have ‘permission’ to throw out some long held clothes.  Also the wardrobe cleanout was easy as it was very clear what was flattering or not.

It was amazing how just wearing the clothes differently also made a difference.  I caught up with a friend that afternoon, dressed using some of the tips from Meaghan, (tucking in tshirt, showing off belt/waist) and my friend commented on how good I looked – and like I had lost weight.  Wow – what a difference a few small things make.

The Shopping session: for the first time in a very long time I was excited to go shopping.  Meaghan helped me fill the gaps in my wardrobe, which were mainly items to help pull existing pieces in my wardrobe together.  She showed me dress styles that would suit and how to wear them – and I can’t wait to buy my first dress once spring/summer arrives.   One of my purchases was a skirt – and my husband absolutely loves it.  It is a long time since he has seen me in one and I think it will be a regular addition to my wardrobe going forward.

Since then I have a list in my phone of any items I need to top up my wardrobe and I don’t deviate.  It helps to have a purpose when shopping. I also feel more confident in returning items if I take something home and it doesn’t work with everything else.

I am yet to take up the final part of the service “Pull It all Together” but I am sure it will be just as good an experience.

Meaghan makes you feel comfortable throughout all her interactions with you.  She guides you in your decisions but does not press if you are unsure.  She is like your best fashion friend.”

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A Transformation

11 Jul

image via here

Do you recognise this person?  In this picture she’s been transformed to play a character in a movie. She posted it on her Instagram page recently saying, it was when she was “Lana – who wore pink lipstick, a yellow crop top, rose tattoo, multiple piercings and a denim mini skirt”

It really caught my eye when it popped up on my feed because I knew it was her but, if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have recognised her. She looked quite a bit older (despite it being 11 years ago) and not as stylish as I think of her.  …and that’s exactly what the costume and makeup department in the movie she was working on, wanted to achieve. 

image via here

And this is her!  Lovely Rebecca Gibney.

I wanted to share it with you because it highlights what a difference clothes, makeup, jewelry, hair and a (bad) tan can make and it’s a very good reminder to all us, that if it’s been a while since you updated your look (ie clothes, hair and makeup but I’d also include jewelry and glasses too) to consider whether it could be time to make some changes.

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